Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Favorite Things

Oh, tagged me. Your list was so long; I can tell you have had more time than me today--so, I will hurry and do this between getting off work and picking up a chest freezer we ordered at Sears with the Mumford's Suburban.
1. My Chi hair straightener. It is much better than the cheap ones in so many ways.
2. Yogurt Ranch- It can be bought in the refrigerated section by the pre-packaged salads at Albertsons or Haggen. Delicious and less fat.

3. Taj Palace (restaurant) in Belleuve, WA. Go for the daily lunch buffet! Great selection and friendly staff...and all the bread is brought to your table warm. It's We go almost every time we're in the area.
4. Gardenias and Lilacs--they smell wonderful and I they stop me in my tracks to smell them.

5. Shaun Weldon is my favorite buddy and husband. Emily is a close second on the friend issue!
I tag Rachel H. and Jessina B.
Have a UPLIFTING weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chickens and Time

Two weekends ago, Shaun and I finished shingling the Booth (family) chicken coop. And this week--the chickens arrived! They will be egg laying chickens and they are adorable. Sophie has taken it upon herself and all her friends to name all of them. I hear we're getting four more soon. One chicken decided to return to his maker very shortly after his arrival to the Booth property.
And in other news, we had a time change Saturday night/Sunday Morning and lost an hour. Guess who I found still in bed Sunday morning!!
It's Ralph (elephant) and Duke (Hare) snuggled in bed. We're glad that the time change didn't affect them.

Till next post...take care.