Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Russian" Gnocchi (remake of Russian Dumplings)

I lived in Bellingham, WA, for many years while my husband and I went to school. Bellingham has great food because the city is full of organic hippy foodies. Things grow well for local farmers and I am spoiled to have lived there. One restaurant that exists is a hole in the wall- no frills- Russian dumpling place called Pel'meni. (1211 State Street, Bellingham, WA 98225) (SIDE NOTE: You can listen to THIS song about Bellingham and here the "Hot Russian Dumplings" mentioned.)

All you can order is meat (ground beef) or potato pelmeni (aka dumplings). (They're a little smaller that a traditional perogy.) They are made locally, and frozen. Once you order, they pull the selected dumplings out of the freezer and boil them in either the meat water pot or the potato pot. When they're cooked through, they put them in a little box, add melted butter, a sauce made of Sriracha hot sauce--watered down with some white vinegar and water, sprinkled with dry curry powder, cilantro, and served with a side of sour cream--oh, and a slice of rye bread (a weak version). It's $7. You can buy canned soda if you want to splurge but that's all the options (as of now). It tastes so good. I prefer the potato. It's just perfect easy uncomplicated food.