Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TEAM: Tim Tam Slam

Ladies and they are...TEAM TIM TAM SLAM!!!!!! (Crowd cheers widely.)

Shaun introduced the Booths to a Shaun & Lindsay Weldon tradition (that we picked up on our missions): Eating/drinking hot chocolate through an Australian cookie last night. All you need is...

warm hot chocolate...

and TIM TAM cookies. (They can be bought at The World Market--in the Seattle area--or on the Internet.)

Please see the following footage for instructions and the team's great slam!

AND--Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nursery Inspiration

Here are some images that help inspire our baby room to-be. Since we've been calling the baby, "Baby E"--I thought that would be a cool theme. We'll have things that start with the letter E. So, a baby blanket with items like eggplant, elephants, eggs, Europe, energy, elegance, endives, ears, etc... on it would be fun! We'll see if it comes together.

I like how colorful this dresser is--but simple too.I like the warmth of these colors--and stripes, and green, and fun in this nursery.

Modern baby art project anyone? Wouldn't it be neat to have a bunch of months' feet up on the wall in collage?!

This glider style is what we're going for. No open glider moving parts for fingers to get stuck in---ahhh so scary!

I like this idea for organizing things. It's magazine holders covered in fun wrapping paper.

This is a quote jar for all the darn-est things the baby--and parent's say about life.

These are cool blocks...although I do worry about the many things that could become attached to the dog hair.

This is a sweet idea for organizing books--for a photo shoot. I'd probably do a different pattern with the colors...but I still like it.

Anyway--this is a little bit of my style...more to come. (For those of you who are starting to ask me what my baby style is.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Isn't Shaun Adorable

This weekend, Sofie was hanging around with us downstairs and she volunteered to help Shaun fold laundry. While I was cleaning us the office, I peeked out to see Shaun instructing Sofie on the proper technique for towel folding. It was sweet to watch!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

WRAPPING...not rapping.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Shaun and I have been exchanging small gifts each day of December (so far).

While I have been wrapping all his gifts in cool green wrapping paper, I have been missing out on some of the creativity Shaun has been enjoying. Shaun's wrapping attempts this year have not wasted ANY paper! (The true "GREEN"--although it may not be on pupose meant that way.) Here's some pictures to give you peek into our present world.

We hope everyone's lives are moving along productively. Have a great day. Our home is getting Shaun ready for finals week! Bye!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowman Meltdown

The Booth's (who we share a house with) decorated their X-mas tree last week on Monday. I was there to capture the snowman worthy meltdown Teri had at the end of the night. (It was a late night, I've gotten tired- kind of meltdown.) It's very entertaining to me. Maybe it will be to you! Enjoy.

Also, Shaun and I have been giving gifts to each other each night since December 1st. This will continue until December 9th--and then lastly on Christmas Day will start again. I've wrapped all my gifts. Shaun has wrapped his gifts in a blanket and a shirt (so far). Chocolates, chopsticks, chapstick and 5 pound hand weights have been exchanged to date.

Anyway, what are all of you doing this year to celebrate Christmas? Oh, and by the way, thank you to everyone who's left comments about baby stuff and others. I love reading them!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Weekend

It was a long fun Thanksgiving Holiday for Shaun and I. We drove Thursday to Shaun's family's house near Seattle to eat Thanksgiving "dinner"---at around 3pm. We had the Weldon traditional olives and dill pickles. We also took family photos ...and Shaun played with Richie (one of our two nephews)!

That night we headed South to my Dad and Yuko's house for the night. We woke up and I felt NO morning sickness at ALL!!! I ate a real breakfast and we all got in the car and went to the Tacoma Glass Museum. It was a small place, but it had some beautiful glass and a very cool HOT SHOP. In the hot shop, glass is made by residence artist. Please see the video. It is 10 minutes long--but interesting. Note the chill music in the background helps the artists to stay calm and relaxed. (I wish I could have gotten the CD!--but it wasn't on sale in the gift shop.)
We got back on Saturday and we bought a Christmas tree and decorated it! We're excited for the season and feel very grateful for all that we have been given and are yet to be blessed with (including our baby).

Saturday, November 22, 2008


We got our first baby gift from Emily Pool this week! Thank you Emily for the soft white blanket. I made Shaun hold it like there was a baby inside to see how it would work. I couldn't hold in my delighted squeals as I observed how adorable Shaun looked as a father figure!
He has been so such a good sport and also very helpful this week. I just started feeling morning sickness on a regular basis and I'm not loving it. But, Shaun has put up with my disgusts for certain foods and smells. I love him SOOOO much!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our secret is out.

So, Shaun and I are pregnant. Because we don't have insurance...we have yet to see a doctor and are not sure on the REAL due date. In our attempts to buy additional insurance until Shaun's starts up in January. AND...we make too much to apply for State pregnancy coverage. We'll see. I'm not eating much sugar at all and trying to eat healthy in hopes of keeping the baby healthy--and reducing chances of gestational diabetes. (Which makes the baby larger--and more difficult to deliver--and many other issues come up too.) (Diabetes runs in our families.)

So, back to the due date--it may be as soon as June 5th, or as late as July 5th. I don't want to explain the details in a blog as to why we think this--but we didn't test positive until October 23. We're both REALLY excited and looking forward to the growth of our family. Since I don't know the due date...maybe I'll have to get two widgets for the blog--so, I can see the range of possible growth. Baby's usually come 2 weeks late anyway, right? I'm just hoping the little kid doesn't interrupt my birthday on July 20, 2009 to make an appearance. That would be distracting for my guests. But really, we'll be excited whatever happens. I can't say we are prepared for everything, but we know that Heavenly Father is always directing us toward good opportunities and challenges.

AND--for those of you who think it's going to be a girl, like me, you're on my rooting team; and those who thinks it's going to be a boy--you're now on Shaun's team. (Please note that this is all in loving jest as we will be happy either way.) YEAH! A baby is coming! Pray that it will be healthy and happy...and not make me feel sick please.By the way, we have the names (boy & girl) picked out--and they both start with an "E." So, we're calling it "Baby E" until we find out the sex.

Please let us know what types of things (materially speaking) are essential to having a baby? Your top baby picks, if you will.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Normal Life

To update ya'll, Shaun is a big fan of Vegemite and Spiced Apple Cider with Ginger. He ordered the Vegemite over the Internet and has been putting it on his morning toast all week. I mentioned in a post in August or September that Shaun had found this apple cider at Whole Foods in Bellevue, but we recently found they started carrying it at Fred Meyer. This is wonderful for both of us, because Whole Foods is a busy store on Saturdays.
We made Chicken Parmesan from a healthy foods recipe and it was alright. It looked pretty, but I think I like Tyler Florence's Ultimate Chicken Parmesan better because you make a homemade sauce and use egg to get the breading to stick.

Then on Wednesday, I started my new calling--Activities Day Leader. The girls made Veteran's Day cards and I taught them how to play bug-a-low. I don't know why they all think they're thugs in this picture. They didn't do this at any other point in the evening. But, I think we'll all have a lot of fun. We meet every other Wednesday night and do various activities. The girls are between the ages of 8 and 11. They're really sweet!

Then on Thursday night, after regular office hours, we had a photo shoot for the Buri Funston Mumford, PLLC Christmas card. It's kind of a big deal. As you can tell from the below pictures, we all found time to pass the time between pictures. You'll have to wait to see the final product to see how it turned out.

I think this look really "works" for Philip's authoritative style. It help me to know, he can be serious no matter what the situation--if it's called for. (Really, Philip is a hoot!)

Karen on the other hand is a Blast and not afraid to show off her special tongue-rolling skill. Not everyone can do that!

And Tom, should probably go on the road with his banjo and help relax the world. He's a positive spirit---and his teeth sparkle (please refer to picture).

It's a good time of year--but I forgot how much it rains here. Luckily, today we've had some sun!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Change is in the air...

We went on a trip to Bellevue to visit the Temple this weekend. We had a lovely time. Afterwards, Shaun and I went by his family's house to say hi. Ree, Shaun's brother, hadn't told anyone else we were coming, so, they were surprised when we walked in the door. LUCKILY, we made it early enought to meet Critt's date (Shaun's sister). His name was Max.

Of course, Richie was VERY excited to see us...or should I say his playful Uncle Shaun! Richie learned to pop balloons with a toothpick. (Richie had no fear.) Unfourtunalty, the popping could not last very long without bothering everyone else.

BUT, our family was excited to see us and speak with us.

Anyway, we then decided to say hi to the Tuppers while we where in the area. We grabbed some Applebee's with them for dinner and decided we DO NOT LIKE the 3 Cheese Penne. Way too much cheese--actually made us feel sick. Our buger was much better---as well as the boneless buffalo wings. Emma still remebered us from last weekend and we didn't have to wait for her to show her silly side.

Then we drove home and went to sleep. We had a long day! On Sunday we were able to speak with my family on the phone. People were happy to chat and plan for future get togethers and events.

As much as I love Christmas--I really am looking forward to July when all the fireworks will be popping out and my birth-day will brighten up everyone's lives. (A bit self centered, right?)

Oh, well, have a good week everyone!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Grow where you're planted--even if it's in a pumpkin patch.

This is some lettuce that's growing in the driveway. The seed was very far from the garden. It reminded Shaun of the inspirational thought, "Grow where you're planted." I loved that!

Our friends the Tuppers came to Bellingham for a day of Pumpkin Patch Fun at Stoney Ridge Farms. Please see the pictures below to observe the delight!
We took them to La Fiamma. Emma had buttered noodles....she stuck each noodle on her fork before eating it. Yummy...Dessert was a toasted smore....we enjoyed them as you can tell.
There were many pumpkin themed pictures to take.I thought the Pumpkin tree was cool!

And I liked how classic mini-pumpkins looked in this old bicycle basket.
At the patch--Emma discarded her gourd for a spot in the wheel barrow. (Classic.)
Of course--even though there are many pumpkins--we had to find just the right ones.

Emma rode this train--not on this round though. I thought it was uniquely-youthful that the children could enjoy going in a circle.
This is a goat food plank. The goats climb up a walk to get to the food that the public raises on a pulley. It's a cool way to make a quarter Stoney Farms.

Did we mention how beautiful it was this weekend?! That's Mt. Baker.And we went to the Ward Pinewood Derby Saturday night after the Tuppers left. Shaun and I didn't win the whole caboodle, but we each won one race each!
Then Sunday got a little boring and Chip--the dog--really wanted attention. So, Maren and Sofie dressed him up in one of Sofie's dress-up gowns. He was a good sport...and he seemed to like the attention.

And...then after that--Maren had to vacuum...and again was able to entertain me.

It was a good weekend with lots of friends and good memories.


PS--It was my brother Shawn's birthday Saturday! Happy 24th Shawn!