Friday, May 23, 2014

I am Gold -- Alex Boye

This is a man named Alex Boye. He just retired from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (including solos), after singing for 7 years (for free) and having a side solo career, which I just found out about. I saw an article about him in the Deseret News and looked him up. I love this song. I love the story/ message behind it. I enjoy his voice and positive attitude. He has a great "I'm a Mormon" profile. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Favorite Pinterest Pins: Tested and Proved

I joined FB, just so I could join Pinterest (a FB profile is a requirement to join) because it simplified something I was already doing with "computer bookmarks" and printing things out. I enjoy the Pinterest space every week at some point. I like that there's some inferred personal advice/ preference with a pin on any subject. Of course, like advice, not all pins are worth my time. BUT, I decided to share a few that have made me very happy. I only have 2 sections here, Food-- and Other. (I try a lot of recipes from Pinterest.) Without further waiting--in no particular order--my FAVORITE PINS!

Red Enchilada Sauce- I never thought to make my own before, and now, I can't imagine buying it after seeing how easy it is to make in 10 minutes of minimal effort. So, it's clean happy food and a wonderful way to top my pork enchiladas.

Falafel- I've tried a few different recipes for falafel, and this one is my favorite so far. You soak garbanzo beans overnight, then grind them up without cooking them to give them a better texture. They tasted so good that my 4 year old cried when we ran out of leftovers the next day. 
Ricotta- I don't know why it took me until I was 30 to finally think to make my own ricotta, but I'm so happy I did. Prior to making ricotta at home, I didn't even want to buy ricotta because I couldn't afford the really good ricotta. The good store bought stuff in Seattle brought harmony to my taste buds and I kept mentioning how smooth the lipids in the fat were.... "MMmmm these lipids make my mouth sing." Make it, but be warned, you may become a ricotta snob.