Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey--I'm still here...

I feel like a hermit. I ordered a cool jogger yesterday online, and hope to be outside very soon exercising...and basically enjoying the moving air. Yesterday, I ventured to the store after Shaun got home (he's started back to work on Tuesday) and was amazed how weird it was to drive again...and sit up front. I haven't done either since the 28 of June. I was a little hyper-aware of everything I was doing--like when your learning to drive--or getting used to a new car.

I was looking at a mom blog today and saw a link for this strange doll--one that little girls can breastfeed through a little flower nipple they wear. Please tell me you also think this is odd. Anyway, from my experience with breastfeeding the last 2.5 weeks, I would say it's much harder than this toy makes it appear. They should have a doll that you can train to have proper latching skills---that's what's hard!

My report on the 2nd week home: Enoch was circumcised on the 10th of July. We showed up for the appointment--only to find out that the nurse really HADN'T scheduled the appointment...and we ended up being sent to another doctor's office downstairs in the office--who agreed to stay late and perform the circumcision. We were really glad we got it done then. Did you know that if you don't do it within 3 weeks of the birth at your child's regular doctor's office, you have to go to a urologist--and the cost goes up about $1,000? Yep--true. By the way--Enoch is all healed and doing awesome following this procedure.

Next, Enoch lost his umbilical cord on the 9th--right before the circumcision. It was neat to see it just come off. It came off when we were changing him in the middle of the night...and he was screaming--because it was cold--and then he started peeing everywhere. This is no big deal though--because it has happened MANY times since he was born. We went out and bought a wipes warmer--and he hasn't done it since...or maybe just once...I can't recall.

Enoch has also gotten a SSN and is a real recorded human being in the US government. Cool, huh? I'll need to memorize it soon.

Also, Enoch has gotten bigger. He's lost all signs of jaundice yellow and is growing up at a steady pace. Honestly, I don't mind too much because I need more sleep. I feel wonderful, but I am tired. I have noticed today that my body is starting to adjust better to the schedule and deprivation of rest. So, that's great news!

In grown up related news, Shaun has gone back to work at Bellingham Cold Storage. He worked there the first year and a half of our marriage. They sought him out after Joe's went bankrupt. He has experience with a product that they carry--Stock Pot Soups--and they have agreed to work around his school schedule so he doesn't have to work the night shift (YEAH!!). He's thinking about looking into an environmental science internship also. We'll see what he finds. (That's his major.)

I have been on maternity leave since Enoch was born....and I have lost track of time. I no longer live by the clock, but by feedings, naps, and poopy diapers. But, it's not bad because I have Enoch to spend time with. He's a sweetheart and I get excited when he wakes up (well in the daytime more than at night--but I still like seeing him at night). I have watched the entire 1st and 2nd seasons of Heros and many movies. I find it's more enjoyable to have something to watch when I'm breastfeeding and it's taking a long time. My neck hurts from looking down at him so much. Luckily, Shaun has given me 2 neck rubs to loosen the knots so far. Have I mentioned how great he is? No, I haven't? Well, he is wonderful and hot!

Oh, and I'd like to mention that my dad and his wife Yuko (my step-mom) came up last weekend to stop by for an hour or so and say hello. It was a nice visit. I must say I am getting a little starved for catching up with friends. Oh----and Emily Pool came over--finally! She was out of town when Enoch was born and hadn't met him yet.

Here's a few pictures to show you!

(His second bath--he did much better.) Enoch on his way to his circumcision. (It's not fear, he's just still a little bored.) Grandpa Murray imitating Enoch...or Enoch imitating Grandpa Murray---I'm not sure which.

They made friends...with just a simple finger-shake.
Grandpa Murray is great at taking "crazy-fun" pictures today! Enoch with his Grandpa Murray and Obaachan.
Spontaneous Smiles Video!!! Get ready to melt!

Emily Pool...first visit with Enoch.

We have had fun getting to know him so far. Thanks for checking in friends and family!


Youngbergs said...

Enoch is adorable! Yes, breastfeeding is HARD work. It gets better, though. (And that doll is just weird.)

That's great news that Shaun is working!

Vashti said...

Yeah, creepiest doll I have ever seen! I definatley hibernated after Olivia, but it was winter time and I think it made it easier because there wasn't glorious weather tempting me to come out. I think a body just needs time to adjust after something so life changing! Enoch is the cutest little guy, so precious!! Hope you guys are hanging in there!

The Bergant Family said...

Sounds like things are going well and you're adjusting great! It gets easier every week, I promise! Good thing Enoch's absolutely a cute cute cutie so all that work seems even more worth it!!!!

Rich said...

wow sounds like you have had a lot of visitors.... I am surprised that Shauns parents didn't come up "to get to know their grandson" yet. All though I thought that they came up to see him in the hospital..... interesting.

Richie had a good time visting with Enoch on July 3rd I think it was. Nice to have so much support!

Heather said...

Hi! You don't know me, but Shaun was in my ward growing up... I just had to say what an adorable baby boy you have. That video is just precious - beautiful smile! Congrats, enjoy every minute (even the late night ones) - they grow up too fast. My baby is now almost 5 and I don't know where the time went! :)