Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New I-Pad... I live here pad...

This is a big place for us. Our new apt. is 1400 square feet. We love it. It's clean and has room for all our baby stuff...and then some. We've already made friends with our above neighbors.Take a look.


Saturday, May 22nd--we moved to a new apartment in town. BUT FIRST we packed up our adorable apartment at the Booth's house. It was kind of last minute that we found out we could move in that weekend...(found out Thursday, May 20). So, I went pack-crazy. Friday night we were up until 1 am packing. We were exhausted--but driven.



THEN WE RETURNED THE TRUCK. It was a 17 ft truck...and we filled it up. (Sigh....) It means next time we need something bigger.

Thank you everyone who helped...and the the fabulous Booth Family for letting us live with you for 22 months! A lot happened. We're glad we could share so many memories with your family. (Christmas, chickens, Tim-Tam Slams, Cody, Chip, Austin's foot, Maren's dates, birth, funeral potatoes, gardens, Mallards, wallpaper removal, painting, mowing, new jobs, Baby Robert, Utah Booth's arrival, cabin, shrimp, steak, fish tacos, crazy amounts of Turkey Chili, making applesauce, Psych, and sooo much more...) Thank you soooo much! You're a strong example of a faithful and realistic family. Let's still be friends..even when we don't live with you!!

Fox Sighting...

...Emily Fox that is! My dear old friend! I was one of the first people to save her from her mean housemates who wouldn't let her entertain in the living room (so they could watch TV)...and she saved me from my emotionally driven drama roommates my sophomore year in college who could be way intense at times. Like the time I took my roommate to the ER when she thought she might die because her chest hurt---Emily was there! (My roommate ended up having heartburn--poor roommate.) ANYWAY....Emily Fox came over with my other best bud--Emily Pool. It was a wonderful time to catch up. We made dinner and chatted. Ate chicken lettuce wraps. I gave Enoch a bath while they cleaned up...and as quickly as she had come--she was gone. It was like a sweet dream. Luckily, I got some pictures. She and Enoch bonded during these pictures. Perhaps you can see the progression.

Look it's Emily Pool!!!!....eating! (Sorry Em.)
And here's one last picture that makes Emily Fox look like an Evil Jealous Queen...and Emily Pool look like Snow White. (See how being with my old friends makes me so creative...and happy. ) Thanks for coming girls!!!!! I love you oodles!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Local Moving Help Request

ALERT: We're moving tomorrow morning to a new place nearby in Bellingham. If anyone can help, please come on over! We'll be loading the truck up from 8:45 ish to when it's done...maybe at 10:15 or faster. Then Shaun and I will pick up our new keys (and sign lease) from the property management place at 10:30am...and then meet people over at the new place at 11:15 am unload. It's weird how we have to break it up...but 10:30 was the earliest we could make our appt with the Property Management Company.

We live with the Booths now and are moving like 2 miles away. Leave a comment if you have a question. If you can only come to one part...that's cool too. Many hands makes light work.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Whirlwind o' fun!!!

Shaun went camping two weeks ago with the Boyscouts in Potholes (Eastern WA). Sounds like a lovely place with a name like that! Well, it was. Shaun took on the task of leading the boys in preparing a soup with beef, potatoes, turnips, celery, garlic, carrots, and even mushrooms. Even though this picture does NO JUSTICE AT ALL--it was very good! The boys ate it up! Enoch and I spent the time Shaun was gone--to clean up the house and go to Wild Blueberries (a toy shop) and buy a toy--and a book. I lost the book with in the first 30 minutes of having it home. I have no idea where it is still. It was a funny book too called "My Fifteen Animals." Then we got some cupcakes from Katie's Cupcakes in Fairhaven. All in all---we had fun together.Last weekend, my dad and his wife, Yuko, came up to visit and came BEAR-ing gifts for Enoch. It was a teddy-bear soft book that you can put a real teddy bear into different "scenes" on each page--like playing, eating, getting ready for bed... he loves it! Thanks Grandpa and Obachan (Japanese word for grandma). We played with Enoch a lot---took them to La Fiamma (their first time)--introduced them to "Modern Family"--and a new game I invented called, "receipts." We had a blast.

Our friends the Tuppers came up a few weeks ago to visit from Seattle--which we love. We took them to Fairhaven to paint pottery. They had to have up pick it up and return their pieces to them, I told Wendy I'd post a picture of my finished chicken/bird I painted into a round tray. It's quirky. I like it. I thought I could put pasta in it when I serve spaghetti. Yesterday, we went to Lynwood--and had lunch with Shaun's mom and family at Old Spaghetti Factory. Enoch sat in a high chair (the wood ones provided by the joint) and he did so well. He did get anxious to touch everything he could when he got bored---and tired though. He saw his cousins and aunt and uncle. Those were some fond moments to watch! Enoch touched his cousin Andrew gently on the tummy (Andrew is two) and Andrew smiled--then told his daddy, "He touched me!" It was cute. It was sooo nice to see them.

Here's my little baby! For mother's day, we went to Larabee Park and Enoch had his first time at a beach! AND---he touched the Pacific Ocean. He really liked all the rocks. He quickly learned NOT to put them in his mouth---but instead, to run your hands into them and move them around quickly. I was impressed with his enthusiasm to even crawl on the rocks....OH YES...Crawl.

The day came last Thursday....ENOCH is crawling. He's gotten much faster since he started. We haven't baby-proofed yet--waiting to move to our new place first. (Hopefully we get it--and will hear if our application revealed a safe financial background and no criminal background.)

Hey, didn't we tell you? We're moving out--so, Austin can move in . Yeah! Austin is the Booth's missionary son--who is expected June 15. We're excited for him...and agree that he needs a place to sleep. So, we have searched high and low---been dissapointed a few times--but have finally found the cleanest, nicest place we could have ever hoped for without being millionaires. We'll keep you updated. If we get it (we should know this week), we can move out before the end of the month--since the people there are moving early.

Anyway....I have saved the BEST for last. Shaun got into Western for the fall and into his major--HUXLEY--The College of Environmental Science. YEAHHHH! The end is in sight! We're all really happy for him and thank everyone for their prayers and support. We're glad we don't have to move to Eastern Washington --to Cheney.

Well, this is enough for now. Have a good week or so.