Monday, October 27, 2008

Change is in the air...

We went on a trip to Bellevue to visit the Temple this weekend. We had a lovely time. Afterwards, Shaun and I went by his family's house to say hi. Ree, Shaun's brother, hadn't told anyone else we were coming, so, they were surprised when we walked in the door. LUCKILY, we made it early enought to meet Critt's date (Shaun's sister). His name was Max.

Of course, Richie was VERY excited to see us...or should I say his playful Uncle Shaun! Richie learned to pop balloons with a toothpick. (Richie had no fear.) Unfourtunalty, the popping could not last very long without bothering everyone else.

BUT, our family was excited to see us and speak with us.

Anyway, we then decided to say hi to the Tuppers while we where in the area. We grabbed some Applebee's with them for dinner and decided we DO NOT LIKE the 3 Cheese Penne. Way too much cheese--actually made us feel sick. Our buger was much better---as well as the boneless buffalo wings. Emma still remebered us from last weekend and we didn't have to wait for her to show her silly side.

Then we drove home and went to sleep. We had a long day! On Sunday we were able to speak with my family on the phone. People were happy to chat and plan for future get togethers and events.

As much as I love Christmas--I really am looking forward to July when all the fireworks will be popping out and my birth-day will brighten up everyone's lives. (A bit self centered, right?)

Oh, well, have a good week everyone!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Grow where you're planted--even if it's in a pumpkin patch.

This is some lettuce that's growing in the driveway. The seed was very far from the garden. It reminded Shaun of the inspirational thought, "Grow where you're planted." I loved that!

Our friends the Tuppers came to Bellingham for a day of Pumpkin Patch Fun at Stoney Ridge Farms. Please see the pictures below to observe the delight!
We took them to La Fiamma. Emma had buttered noodles....she stuck each noodle on her fork before eating it. Yummy...Dessert was a toasted smore....we enjoyed them as you can tell.
There were many pumpkin themed pictures to take.I thought the Pumpkin tree was cool!

And I liked how classic mini-pumpkins looked in this old bicycle basket.
At the patch--Emma discarded her gourd for a spot in the wheel barrow. (Classic.)
Of course--even though there are many pumpkins--we had to find just the right ones.

Emma rode this train--not on this round though. I thought it was uniquely-youthful that the children could enjoy going in a circle.
This is a goat food plank. The goats climb up a walk to get to the food that the public raises on a pulley. It's a cool way to make a quarter Stoney Farms.

Did we mention how beautiful it was this weekend?! That's Mt. Baker.And we went to the Ward Pinewood Derby Saturday night after the Tuppers left. Shaun and I didn't win the whole caboodle, but we each won one race each!
Then Sunday got a little boring and Chip--the dog--really wanted attention. So, Maren and Sofie dressed him up in one of Sofie's dress-up gowns. He was a good sport...and he seemed to like the attention.

And...then after that--Maren had to vacuum...and again was able to entertain me.

It was a good weekend with lots of friends and good memories.


PS--It was my brother Shawn's birthday Saturday! Happy 24th Shawn!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Applesauce and an Auction

On Tuesday, I agreed to learn how to make applesauce...or at least help Teri Booth (my awesome landlord) and Julia Mumford (rad neighbor and friend).

The hard part about making the applesauce was that we started at 6:30pm. Teri had gone to Waterville, WA, the day before (Google it if you don't know where it is) to get free apples from her aunts house. She brought back MANY! We didn't finish until about 11pm. I was wiped out because I'd been at work at work earlier in the day...and relaxation didn't seem to come as quickly as I'd hoped. But--I was glad I was able to participate. Unfortunately, the apples boiled over the pot on my stove for 3 hours---and made a nasty burn around the burner. I still haven't finished cleaning it yet.

After the apples boil...with cores and all...I took them upstairs to Teri's part of the house and she and Julia would process them and get them all mushed up, in jars, and in pots of boiling water to seal. In the end--there where about 51 jars of applesauce. Today, I just found a home for them until we need them (on-top of the high cabinets).

Then on Thursday night, I had the opportunity to go to the Law Advocates Dinner and Auction. Buri Funston Mumford, PLLC bought a table and I was invited to attend. It was fun to dress up and be in a place with table cloths, good food, and all the people from the office in a new setting.
We had table 6! Let me introduce you to my fellow table sitters of that evening.

Karen & Heidi
Craig (husband o' Karen)...& Karen

Philip...& Darcee (wife o' Philip)
And then Tom was there too!
I bid on a silent auction item and won! I got a beginners package to learn to ski or snowboard at Mt. Baker---and dinner at a restaurant near the ski area. It was fun! (Tom got a couple cool items too--including a eventful sounding water ski day with his family.)

Did I mention there was a dinner? Because it was delicious! Here was dessert....a gingerbread cake with a lemon custard and whipped cream. It was SOOO good with the lemon custard. (Tom didn't love the custard as much as me---so, he let me have most of his! Yum.)
I took a video to give all you out there in computer world a sense of what it was like. This is the live auction--with more expensive items. ---This wasn't a place for me to bid. But, i enjoyed watching.
Today, is Saturday. Shaun and I got a call last night and have been given a opportunity to speak in church tomorrow. We are the ONLY ones speaking...and have a loose topic. It should be a good experience to prepare for, but keep us in your thoughts and prayers anyway.

'Till next time...!!!!