Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our secret is out.

So, Shaun and I are pregnant. Because we don't have insurance...we have yet to see a doctor and are not sure on the REAL due date. In our attempts to buy additional insurance until Shaun's starts up in January. AND...we make too much to apply for State pregnancy coverage. We'll see. I'm not eating much sugar at all and trying to eat healthy in hopes of keeping the baby healthy--and reducing chances of gestational diabetes. (Which makes the baby larger--and more difficult to deliver--and many other issues come up too.) (Diabetes runs in our families.)

So, back to the due date--it may be as soon as June 5th, or as late as July 5th. I don't want to explain the details in a blog as to why we think this--but we didn't test positive until October 23. We're both REALLY excited and looking forward to the growth of our family. Since I don't know the due date...maybe I'll have to get two widgets for the blog--so, I can see the range of possible growth. Baby's usually come 2 weeks late anyway, right? I'm just hoping the little kid doesn't interrupt my birthday on July 20, 2009 to make an appearance. That would be distracting for my guests. But really, we'll be excited whatever happens. I can't say we are prepared for everything, but we know that Heavenly Father is always directing us toward good opportunities and challenges.

AND--for those of you who think it's going to be a girl, like me, you're on my rooting team; and those who thinks it's going to be a boy--you're now on Shaun's team. (Please note that this is all in loving jest as we will be happy either way.) YEAH! A baby is coming! Pray that it will be healthy and happy...and not make me feel sick please.By the way, we have the names (boy & girl) picked out--and they both start with an "E." So, we're calling it "Baby E" until we find out the sex.

Please let us know what types of things (materially speaking) are essential to having a baby? Your top baby picks, if you will.


Youngbergs said...

Yeah! Congratulations you guys! That is so exciting!

Hmm, baby essentials . . .

1. Good OB/GYN - I have Dr. Madsen and love him. A lot of people in the ward have Dr. Cook. (I think he is the favorite in the area, and across the street from where you work, so that would be convenient.) If you prefer a female doctor, there is Dr. Tu. The three of them all share call, (but they each have their own office) so any of them could deliver your baby, but they all try to deliver for their own patients for the most part.

2. Diapers - You'll go through about 90 a week in the beginning. I wouldn't stock up on too many of the small sizes because the baby will grow so quickly for the first six months. And it is hard to know what brand you will like and will fit your baby best. (There is definitely a difference!)

3. Bouncer - LOVED IT! Sophie always wanted to be held, but this was one thing she would stay in by herself for more than a few minutes so I could get a shower!

4. Gowns - As in night gowns. They were great for those middle of the night diaper changes.

So there you have it. Those are my top four. Sorry this was so long.

The Bingham Four said...

CONGRADS!!!!! Yay for you guys! Yeah.. you'll probably have a girl.. it's a ward thing...

I do recommend Doctor Cook. He's HILARIOUS! Though.. He gets booked up really fast (since he only plans on delivering so many each month) Dr. Tu is really nice if you want a female (like Sarah said) though I would really REALLY recommend Cook.

YAY for you guys! Congrads again!!

The Bergant Family said...

Oh, congratulations! That is so exciting! Essentials. . hmm stock up on sleep and a good sense of humor. Oh, you already are hilarious so that is good. I really like the sleepers that zip not button, figuring you're changing a million diapers a day. Also, a good stroller/car seat combo is a must. Happy shopping! Keep us posted!

Cheryl Martinsen said...

Congratulations!!!! We are so excited....being mom/dad is the best ever! And plus now our little one will have a friend to play with :)
1.Swing...we got one that rocks sideways and swings forward. Noah loved that thing.
2.Read the book "The Baby Whisperer" by Tracey Hoggs. It saved my life. It helps you understand baby cries and helps you get baby on a routine.
3.Diapers! Start saving now....its alot in the beginning but then evens out. We just put money aside so we didn't get the wrong size. Plus you never know if they are allergic to certain brands etc.

Kimi said...

Congratulations again, you guys! I am so happy for you! ^_^ Here are my top baby essentials picks:
1. Good information. Be armed with as much truth as you can be, and don't listen to colloquialisms when it comes to raising your baby. has a lot of excellent information about nursing a new baby. I am sure I visited it maaaany times early on with both kids. Build yourself a Favorites list of sites to visit when you need quick info at 2am and don't want to bother your doctor... again. ;)
2. A place for baby to sleep. I'd recommend getting something that can stay very close to where YOU are sleeping, at least for the first month or two. Lessen the amount of time you spend out of your bed and not sleeping. I would even go so far as to say you could invest in a side-along-sleeping arrangement that pulls right up next to the bed so all you have to do is reach over and baby's right there. SO EASY.
3. Clothes for baby to wear. Keep it simple and versatile, get the basics. Onesies, socks, pants, sleepers. Don't buy cutesy outfits (maybe one or two you can't live without) until AFTER the shower, since that's what people LOVE to buy for you and you really won't need many. You will go through far more of the basics in a given day at home.
4. A good carseat. Graco Snugride is a decent, not too shabby but not expensive model for the first few months. Plan on buying a second, convertible carseat within a year, most likely. To save money, you CAN skip the "infant carseat with carrier" thing and go straight to a convertible seat (some go as low as 5lbs on the weight limit) but your baby will look SO teeny tiny in that thing, and you'll lose that convenience when you take him/her into church or wherever.
5. Something to carry baby in that is close to your body, such as a sling and/or Mei Tai. We'll go fabric shopping and I'll help you out there. ;) But on the subject of good info, AVOID Baby Bjorn and Snugli carriers like the plague! They may seem easier, but they are not good for baby's developing spine because of the way they dangle in them.
6. You might want to invest in a less pushy, advice-giving, babbly sister-in-law. ;) Seriously, if I get too talkative just tell me to shut up.

kaitlyn said...

we are so happy for you guys!!! that is great news!

i too will make a list:

1. Dr. Cook, he is probably the only old man that i am comfortable with looking down there... maybe it has something to do with the bowtie that renders him harmless

2. burp cloths. seriously if you have a barfy baby you will go through tons and tons. i probably HAD to buy about 6 packs for Blaine, she would go through about 6 burp cloths a day. get the thick flannel ones (babies r us)

3. diapers, babies r us is the cheapest for this because they have the biggest boxes... i know the closest one is in lynnwood, but it is worth the trip (trust me i have done the research).

4. the sleeper gowns, onesies, and don't think that button things are convenient because they aren't. it is easier to pull off a pair of pants to change a diaper than snap 10 snaps.

5. i wouldn't buy a swing or bouncy until you try one out... some babies like them some babies don't. blaine didn't and we spent $150 on one that has only been used a couple of times.

6. diaper genie 2. i hate stinky things and the last thing i wanted was for my house to smell like a day care so this was a priority for me (unless you are doing cloth)

i have a consumer reports guide to baby products book that you are more than welcome to borrow. i love to research before i buy because i am kind of a freak that way. feel free to ask me any specific questions too because i am really picky.

obviously i am opinionated :)