Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Photos with Courtney Price!!

This last weekend we headed down to Fairhaven (touristy part of Bellingham) to meet up with our new favorite photographer--Courtney Price. She took some time to capture our family on film and do it with her own artistic eye. We've been checking everyday for sneak peeks of her work, and tonight, they were finally posted!! I got the chance to chat with Courtney a little as we walked from place to place and really liked her as a person, not just a talented photographer. I'd totally hang out with her! We give her an A+++ and highly recommend her.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I blogged about this craft earlier this weekend--I made 2 pillow cases. Well, I have added to that and redone all the pillows for our bed. The old pillowcases were fading (had since 2002 in college), had torn seams, and changing color.
Now, I have:
  1.Grey Kingsize pillows;
  2. Standard flat pillows with an abstract fingerprint-like pattern;
  3. Soft down pillows with a thin light-blue and white strip; ....and a
  4. Small lumbar pillow in a blue and white kaleidescope-ish print.
I may get around to making a duvet...but the fabric I'd like is expensive---so, it may be cheaper to just buy one.
Also, I tried to make new headboard-replacement. I had some pictures above our bed...and I replaced in with spray painted paper-machie letters. 

Next project: tackle organizing the sides of the bed...mostly finding a place for all the stuff that gets put there. (Garbage, old textbooks, old pregnancy books--unhelpful since I had a baby 18 months ago, receipts, boxes from moving...etc.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hopeful for the future...

This may sound dramatic--but I made two pillowcases tonight. I've never made one before and I think I'm going to finally have matching pillowcases! So, I was changing the sheets on Enoch's bed this evening and I noticed that his pillowcase was dirty...and it was one we'd been having him use from our queen sheet, I was stealing another one from another set---and anyway, it was messing up the pillowcase washing schedule. None of the pillowcases were ever clean all at the same time....and I wanted them to be. 

I'm rambling. Back to the point, I decided to see if I could throw together a pillowcase before bedtime...and I did!!! I cut around the existing pillowcase as a pattern...and stared at the edging for a few minutes until I came up with a plan to replicate it. Well, it worked. Also, I figured out that it MUST be easy to make since I could create a useful item in a half an hour! Enoch's pillow (not pictured) is light blue with green, gray, white, and darker blue little dots all over it. It creates a cool mixed matched look with all three of his different crib sheets. (I'm not too matchy-matchy with decorating.) 

After he went to bed, I decided to use my FAVORITE fabric--a simple white with thin light blue strips-- and made myself an even BETTER pillowcase. (I learned how to do it even faster and prettier if you can believe it.) I might just be a domestic woman in the making!

Night, Night!