Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TEAM: Tim Tam Slam

Ladies and they are...TEAM TIM TAM SLAM!!!!!! (Crowd cheers widely.)

Shaun introduced the Booths to a Shaun & Lindsay Weldon tradition (that we picked up on our missions): Eating/drinking hot chocolate through an Australian cookie last night. All you need is...

warm hot chocolate...

and TIM TAM cookies. (They can be bought at The World Market--in the Seattle area--or on the Internet.)

Please see the following footage for instructions and the team's great slam!

AND--Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nursery Inspiration

Here are some images that help inspire our baby room to-be. Since we've been calling the baby, "Baby E"--I thought that would be a cool theme. We'll have things that start with the letter E. So, a baby blanket with items like eggplant, elephants, eggs, Europe, energy, elegance, endives, ears, etc... on it would be fun! We'll see if it comes together.

I like how colorful this dresser is--but simple too.I like the warmth of these colors--and stripes, and green, and fun in this nursery.

Modern baby art project anyone? Wouldn't it be neat to have a bunch of months' feet up on the wall in collage?!

This glider style is what we're going for. No open glider moving parts for fingers to get stuck in---ahhh so scary!

I like this idea for organizing things. It's magazine holders covered in fun wrapping paper.

This is a quote jar for all the darn-est things the baby--and parent's say about life.

These are cool blocks...although I do worry about the many things that could become attached to the dog hair.

This is a sweet idea for organizing books--for a photo shoot. I'd probably do a different pattern with the colors...but I still like it.

Anyway--this is a little bit of my style...more to come. (For those of you who are starting to ask me what my baby style is.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Isn't Shaun Adorable

This weekend, Sofie was hanging around with us downstairs and she volunteered to help Shaun fold laundry. While I was cleaning us the office, I peeked out to see Shaun instructing Sofie on the proper technique for towel folding. It was sweet to watch!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

WRAPPING...not rapping.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Shaun and I have been exchanging small gifts each day of December (so far).

While I have been wrapping all his gifts in cool green wrapping paper, I have been missing out on some of the creativity Shaun has been enjoying. Shaun's wrapping attempts this year have not wasted ANY paper! (The true "GREEN"--although it may not be on pupose meant that way.) Here's some pictures to give you peek into our present world.

We hope everyone's lives are moving along productively. Have a great day. Our home is getting Shaun ready for finals week! Bye!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowman Meltdown

The Booth's (who we share a house with) decorated their X-mas tree last week on Monday. I was there to capture the snowman worthy meltdown Teri had at the end of the night. (It was a late night, I've gotten tired- kind of meltdown.) It's very entertaining to me. Maybe it will be to you! Enjoy.

Also, Shaun and I have been giving gifts to each other each night since December 1st. This will continue until December 9th--and then lastly on Christmas Day will start again. I've wrapped all my gifts. Shaun has wrapped his gifts in a blanket and a shirt (so far). Chocolates, chopsticks, chapstick and 5 pound hand weights have been exchanged to date.

Anyway, what are all of you doing this year to celebrate Christmas? Oh, and by the way, thank you to everyone who's left comments about baby stuff and others. I love reading them!