Monday, December 15, 2008

Nursery Inspiration

Here are some images that help inspire our baby room to-be. Since we've been calling the baby, "Baby E"--I thought that would be a cool theme. We'll have things that start with the letter E. So, a baby blanket with items like eggplant, elephants, eggs, Europe, energy, elegance, endives, ears, etc... on it would be fun! We'll see if it comes together.

I like how colorful this dresser is--but simple too.I like the warmth of these colors--and stripes, and green, and fun in this nursery.

Modern baby art project anyone? Wouldn't it be neat to have a bunch of months' feet up on the wall in collage?!

This glider style is what we're going for. No open glider moving parts for fingers to get stuck in---ahhh so scary!

I like this idea for organizing things. It's magazine holders covered in fun wrapping paper.

This is a quote jar for all the darn-est things the baby--and parent's say about life.

These are cool blocks...although I do worry about the many things that could become attached to the dog hair.

This is a sweet idea for organizing books--for a photo shoot. I'd probably do a different pattern with the colors...but I still like it.

Anyway--this is a little bit of my style...more to come. (For those of you who are starting to ask me what my baby style is.)


kaitlyn said...

i LOVE your baby style! tres chic!

Mark and Sarah said...

i love love it! That is going to be so cute and so much fun

The Bergant Family said...

VERY good taste! Can't wait to see the final product!

Alicia said...

I want to hear more about that chair. Where did you find it? That looks awesome. Great ideas, colors and I like the dresser too!

Lindsay and Shaun Weldon said...

The chair is from Pottery Barn. It's really expensive. (around $3,000 I think) You have to buy the chair and the ottoman separatly--but you get to pick the fabric. There are other places with gliders like this--without the cute fabric for $600-ish. (Like or JC Penny'