Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our kiddo is such a happy child. This is Enoch in the morning one day before I took him to his sitter's house (and I went to work). He's very difficult to leave.
We bought this baby backpack carrier on E-Bay. We took it out for a walk around Lake Padden. Enoch seems fine with it---but wasn't as smiley as I had hoped. He smiled at a few dogs on the walk--but that was it.
Enoch has started sleeping on his side. It's cute. Shaun took this picture and ran to tell me, "Lindsay, he's sleeping exactly like me!"

We took Enoch on his first trip to Eastern Washington a few weeks ago--to Wenatchee! He got to meet his Great Grandma Johnson. They got along...and Enoch loved grabbing for her earrings. He was very clever in his attempts. He'd wait for a while and then when she was looking away, he'd reach for them quickly and take advantage of the fact that Great Grandma wasn't going to drop him on purpose. We also visited the Weldon Great Grandparents---and Enoch saw a cat for the first time. Too bad cats don't love babies. He barely touched Ms. Kitty's tail before she took off.
Enoch still isn't completely crawling...he goes backwards, and rolls...and now can sit up from being on his tummy...but every time he lurches forward to crawl, he plops down on his tummy instead of moving his knees. He's building up his courage I think.

FYI: We're looking for somewhere to rent (new place)...hopefully locally, if Shaun gets into Western in the Fall. Let us know if you hear of something that's not on Craigslist! (I've seen all those.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and General Conference Weekend

Hooray! We had another successful Conference weekend. We noticed that there was a heavy focus on the family and youth this time. It was very uplifting and humbling.
Here's Enoch watching Conference on Sunday. He had quit the set-up. It's too bad this wouldn't be reverent enough for church on Sunday!

Enoch received a special Easter Basket/Bucket from the Booths on Sunday. Enoch was eating when Sophie brought it down. He says thank you friends!

Below is a video of Enoch playing with the Easter gifts WE gave him. (Some plastic eggs with candy inside--that he could never eat--but kept in for the rattle noise. They were kind of big...I think I'd get smaller ones next year...or maybe it's too late.)
This weekend was a lovely time to spend time with our little family!

First Word

Guess who couldn't be happier!

What was your child's first word?