Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome Enoch!

As you probably gathered from the new blog header, Enoch was born this morning! He was born at 7:13 a.m. and is 7lbs 7.7oz and 20 3/4 inches long. Lindsay was in hard labor for about 50 minutes when he came out. This has been the most amazing experience of our lives, and we hope that you will join us in welcoming our new son to the world. Here are few pictures of him not long after he was born.

This is Enoch and daddy sharing some much needed nap time this morning.

This is Enoch getting weighed, measured and getting ointment in his eyes. He also had just gotten his Vitamin K shot, so he was not too impressed.

And finally this is Enoch and Mommy sharing some close time in the postpartum room.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water Broken!-- And it feels like I'm making a mess.

FYI: At 1:50 pm, they broke my water for me (and it was clear--which is good). I was put on Pitocin around 9:30 am-- and nothing had really changed. They are hoping the pain will come--as I have had none as of yet.

OH, and in a side note, our nurse, Ina, is friends with the actor who plays Jack in the Jack in the box commercials...ya know, they guy with the big white ball over his face. She's very nice and Dr. Tu is on call today---so, everyone has been nice.

And...they gave me a liquid lunch at 12 pm, and I am so hungry now! It was 1 cup of chicken broth, 4 oz. apple juice, and a cherry ice dessert. (Good, but not enough.) They also offered me tea...but I'm not a fan--even when it's decaffeinated (and missing tea leaves). But, I look forward to real food when all this is finished...oh, that's of course in addition to the awesome appearance of Enoch. I totally look forward to him more!

We are in the hospital waiting for Enoch!!

So we checked into the hospital this morning to be induced! (This is Shaun taking the reins on the blog by the way.) Lindsay is hooked up to all of the pumps and I.V.s right now. Here is a picture of Lindsay in the bed and all hooked up.

This is a picture of breakfast this morning. It was the last meal that Lindsay gets to eat for a little while. Some fruit, cheese, meat and a croissant.

Check back often for updates as we will post new stuff as it happens!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comedy and Enoch Update!

I don't have much time---so, sorry for the brevity.
FYI: We saw Brian Regan on Thursday night and it was AWESOME!!! Check out the video of Brian's opener, Kermet Apio from Seattle (and some Brian Regan thrown in too!)

Also, we went to our doctor apt....for Enoch. They checked my cervix and apparently I have a very favorable cervix and my induction should go wonderfully. My cervix was very soft, I was 80% effaced, and 1 cm dilated. She decided to even sweep my membranes! (A bit uncomfortable by the way.) So, the doctor made us a sooner induction date---Sunday Morning at 8am, instead of Monday morning at 6am. We have spent the last few days getting everything in order--buying groceries, doing laundry, finally packing our bag (which we have a few more things to add to), buy baby items we didn't have--like a bathtub, saline drops, thermometer, etc. We are SOOOOOOOOOOO excited. So, we'll post pictures after we're done and feel ready.

Also, if anyone would like to comment on their guess for the weight, we will announce the winner later. (Shaun thinks this is a super fun idea so please give it a shot!)

Take care all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nursery Beginnings

Shaun was my helpful buddy-o this weekend when he cleared out our office and put together the IKEA dresser I showed him was perfect for us. There were so many little parts! And while we don't have our paid-for-black-crib yet, we have placed our adorable bassinet in it's place until it arrives.
Cool, huh?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Everywhere---Happy Day!!!

Well, today is Shaun's 1st Father's Day and he is hanging out with me (and our confined to my belly baby, Enoch) eating a little microwaved breakfast. I must admit, he's not getting a lot of special gifts today because he's already aware of his gift---tickets to see Brian Regan (comedian) on Thursday night.

Here's a re-post of a 21 week picture we got back in February of Enoch's lips and nose for your Father's Day enjoyment.
Oh, and yesterday we went to Ikea and got the perfect dresser for Enoch's room which will also double as a changing table. Now, we only need to re-organize the 2nd room so that we can set up the baby stuff. We'll post pictures of our hard work later...after we perform the hard work.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This last weekend---Bellevue, Woodinville, Lynwood, and Kirkland

Saturday morning, we headed to Bellevue to go to the temple one last time before I give birth. It was a very peaceful and enlightening time.

Afterwards, we headed up to Woodinville for a mini-high school friends reunion/potluck at Cottage Lake Park...across the street from where our wedding reception was held.
(From Right to Left: Katherine, Jessina, Krystal, and Me-Lindsay) I saw Krystal, Katherine, Jessina, Stephanie...and their families! I haven't seen any of them for at least 3-4 years. It was a beautiful day, and the food was heavenly. I'm glad I have such kind friends. Shaun enjoyed himself--even though he didn't really know them. He had a pleasant time speaking with everyone and appreciated every one's genuine kindness. (I wouldn't expect less from this sweet group.) Here's some pictures from the meet-up.
(Oh, and I will painfully include a picture of me from high school (2000-2001 somewhere I guess) and another from a group get together my during x-mas break from my Freshman year at college (2001)---which Katherine sent to me. Yikes! I am pleased though that I look better now than then...rather than the other way around. You won't hear any wishes to go back to my high school good looks from me!
Afterwards we saw Shaun's parents, brother, Kimi, and our nephews in Kirkland for a few hours. By the way, Happy Birthday Kimi and Richie!!!!
We also went to Baby's R Us and picked up some things we needed still for unborn Enoch. It was a n enjoyable and social weekend. Lots of good memories.

A Recipe for Sucess in the Weldon Home

Friday night Shaun grilled us up some steak and onion/mushroom saute...along with proscuitto wrapped asparagus! It was actually amazing! To make it even more fun, we watched the Office on our computer (Netflicks-Instant). For us--it was a satisfying evening in many ways.

Baby Shower Extravaganza

A Baby Shower...for me?! (How surreal!) Thursday evening was the special time! I was given a great baby shower--thanks to Teri Booth and Emily Pool...and the help they got from Alicia too. I was surprised to arrive and see a glider wrapped in ribbons all for me! The evening consisted of many friends and a few games, many generous gifts, and cupcakes! I didn't have time to lay everything I received out to take a, you can see some of the piles laying in our living room.
Thank you everyone for coming!

Last Weekend--Wenatchee

Last Friday, we went to my 36 week doctor visit, we asked about induction--because we're not sure if we'll have insurance in July. Well, the doctor. thought that would be fine and we now have a induction date at the hospital at 6am on June 29th! If Enoch comes earlier, we of course won't need to keep the appt. on the 29th. Also, if all of Bellingham has a baby on the 28th--the hospital may call and tell us, "come in later." We sure hope not. That evening, we went left for Wenatchee to visit Shaun's grandparents. We pulled in around 10am--and it was 75 degrees F outside. We were glad we weren't there in the HOT part of the day--which was apparently 90.Shaun wanted to record his Grandpa Weldon's life on camera. So, Shaun did--and got around 3 hours of digital footage. We also, went to lunch and to Rocky Ridge Dam with Shaun's Grandma Johnson. We had nice weather--in the high 70's by 3pm. (It had cooled off from the day before.) We came back to the Weldon household and saw a little bit of nature sitting above the door. It was a baby owl. It just sat there looking at us--a little mad, but stayed quite. It followed Shaun because he was wearing a red shirt---or because he looked most like a mouse...I'm not sure. After looking at the pictures, I saw that it appeared the owl had just killed something because it had grey feathers in his talons, and a little blood around his beak. (It was actually a very adorable owl...because he was sooooo tiny!)On Sunday, we went to church with Shaun's grandpa and heard him bear his testimony in church. It was nice to how touched he was--and I enjoyed the words he said about his wife. (Who stayed at home because she had fallen down in a grocery store the day before, and hurt her leg.)

We went home on Sunday, after church and napped in our bed in Bellingham--recovering from out lack of sleep in Wenatchee--and all the energy the sun took out of us while it made vitamin K.

We had a super weekend.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here's a candid camera video of a typical breakfast prep time when we visit. (Please note that there were LOTS of flys in the house, and Grandma Weldon was trying to kill them in the background.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spaghetti Hot Dogs--Today's Food Art

I found this on a blog and it fascinates me!!! ....

Tell me if you've tried this before with spaghetti and hot dogs. Part of me wants to try this---the other part says the picture is good enough. But, if I had a big enough kid, I would defiantly try this with them!
This is the link to where I found this idea: