Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound Photoshoot

So, for those of you who are good at ultrasound decryption, here's our 20 week ultrasound pictures we had taken Friday morning. Unfortunately, Enoch was sleepy and not moving..and made it difficult for getting a clear photo. His hands were blocking his face much of the time. He was facing towards my spine too--so, the angle was not helpful. Hope you enjoy!
His hand is in front of his face. Here you can see the the left leg bent and pushing on the uterus wall--with the other leg right behind it.
This is actually a VERY cool picture of his lips and nose. It actually looks like part of a face in a 3d image. The bone spots on the left are a cross section of his ribs.
Yes--Enoch has 5 toes. (Good for balance.)
These are his fingers doing a weird bendy thing---a bit Star Trek I suppose--but I don't want to mark him with that silly bit of info quite yet.

Baby Head---and even though the skull looks empty--we DID see a beautiful brain developing inside in a different shot.
He's still male--with a penis and scrotum view through the legs shown above.

Check out our videos. He's not moving...but you can see how "stubborn" or sleepy he was feeling. Check out his heart beat!

The whole thing is really very amazing. It was Shaun's birthday on Friday too-- (more info and pictures to be posted later from that event)--so, he had a special treat seeing his son that morning.


kaitlyn said...

wooohoo! The halfway point! congratulations on such a cute healthy little boy... and quite possibly a trekkie. :) it is all downhill from here (in more ways than one)!

The Bergant Family said...

Very cool! Don't you admire those ultrasound techs. How in the world can they make sense of those?! He looks healthy and cute!

Alicia said...

Hey, Happy Birthday Shaun! Great pics, you guys. I'd write more but right now I'm just really into this Safety Dance song. It really changed my mood. I was kind of gloomy but now I feel like dancing around. My head is actually bobbing back and forth as I type this. Cool. I'm a terrible dancer. I make it a point never to let Brandon see me dance. However, one time I was really sick with pregoness and I got Brandon to dance for me. It was awesome. Love the pics of the little boy!

Alicia said...

We should all go dancing as prego. That's how good this song is. Actually, I'd better not go dancing because of the aforementioned lack of skill.

tanyawhite said...

I'm so glad you found me on here! I'm excited for you to be a mom. You will be wonderful!Your life sounds busy and fun and it looks like you have quite the catch there. :) I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! Can't wait to see more pictures!