Sunday, April 13, 2008

April is almost half over!!

That's crazy! So much has been happening!

Shaun has started spring quarter. He is taking General Inorganic Chemistry III, American Government, and an English composition class. Shaun also got a new job! He quit his job at Bellingham Cold Storage (which he is very happy about), and starts Tuesday working at Joe's (formerly G.I. Joe's) teaching Hunter safety for the State of Washington.

Lindsay is working away as a Legal Assistant and loving her job. She is also staying busy as the activities chair in our ward. She has a couple of big activities coming up this summer, including a ward salmon barbeque, and the ward campout! It is going to be a busy fun summer.

We enjoyed the Tulip festival in Skagit Valley this Saturday with our friends Wendy and James and their daughter Emma. It was a beautiful day and was 74 degrees near La Conner! (In April, can you believe that?!?) So, naturally, everyone and their mom was there. But it was a great time! We will post some pictures after this.

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