Monday, April 6, 2009

Me=Mama Hen

So, have you heard? I am now 27 weeks pregnant. To some it is considered the 3rd Trimester--but I'll wait until next week to call it that--when it's my seventh month officially. (This means I go to the doctor every two weeks instead of each month.)

Anyway, I'm doing SOOOO well I can't believe how wonderful this pregnancy thing has been for me. I haven't had lots of the potential symptoms/ailments that the books explain. It's really amazing to me that I've not even really felt round ligament pain (the aching in the sides as the uterus grows larger). I have had to use the little girls room a lot more--but that's not an issue for me since there's always one accessible to me at work and home. So, here's a picture of me at 26.5 weeks (on 3-26-09) and some from today (4-6-09) in my 27th week.

Well, the Booths are getting back tonight from a little vacation. Shaun and I have been dog, fish, and chicken sitting for them. I have made a special bond with a little chicken who I have come to call "Zachery Binks"--even though it's suppose to be a girl. In my attempt to hold a chicken earlier this week, one chicken seemed to be the bravest and let me hold her. From then on, whenever I put my hands in the chicken cage, Zachery would come right over and let me pick her up. I came to adore her. She even started to close her eyes and get comfy one night. I have a new found love for this particular chicken and have learned a lot more about chickens that would have helped me in high school. ...You see in high school we did a drama class exercise where we studied and animal--portrayed it onstage--and then let it morph into a human. I chose a chicken--and became a woman who had a neck bobbing tick. It really wasn't that great of a performance. I didn't have enough one on one chicken time back then. BUT NOW!!!...I may have to do a second performance with all that I've learned. Here's me at lunch time checking in on her.
In Shaun's life, he's started his Spring quarter today. He came home excited about the classes--the 3rd class in his Biology series and another math class. Apparently, his math class only grades on the midterm and final. That's it--so, he'll have to REALLY pay attention and test well. He had a great quarter in the winter and we're looking forward to continuing that success through. Hooray for Shaun!
As far as Shaun's employment situation--in case you haven't heard--Joes Sporting Goods, where he teaches Hunters Safety may be going bankrupt completely. The future of Joes's is to be announced Friday. If they get a buyer, then cool--we keep going with Joes, if not, we will find out the timeline of how much time he has left--and then look for a new job. Maybe REI would like to have a Hunter's Safety teacher to help bring in customers and do a great community service by offering Shaun's class? We'll see. We know everything will be okay if we have faith. Well, that's all for now friends! Chow!


Vashti said...

That is great that your pregnancy has been going so smoothly! I didn't have ligament pain with Olivia, but I have BIG time with this one! (One would think my ligaments would have gotten good and stretched on the first on, but oh well). Hopefully Joe's stays open so Shaun still has his job, we will be thinking of you guys on Friday.

Youngbergs said...

I'm sorry to hear about Joe's. It really is tough times all around. But I'm glad you are feeling well AND you are in the final stretch. YEAH!

PS Are you a Hocus Pocus fan, Mama Hen?

Alicia said...

You look great, Lindsay! 27 weeks. From here on, it just flies by...seriously. You look so cute and I'm happy things are going well with your pregnancy. We will pray that Shaun's situation with Joe's turns out to be a good thing, whether they get a buyer or not. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for anything that Shaun may be interested in.

kaitlyn said...

i am glad that things are going so great for your pregnancy! the 2nd trimester really is the "honeymoon" phase, but i hope that it stays fantastic for you all the way through...

i also wanted to say what an adorable little bump you have, you are a beautiful pregnant lady!

please, please let me know what i can do to help when the baby comes... dinner, company, whatever!