Friday, May 16, 2008

A Real Summer Day

I has been beautiful and WARM in Bellingham today. Joining me on the road are plenty of motorcyles and bicycles. Ya know--I don't have a bike. Shaun has a bike, but I don't have a helmet---and Shaun's head is too big for me to borrow his. (It fits his enormous brian.)

So, Shaun went to the Hunter's Safety Teacher's Training last weekend and started joining in on classes this week. This is nice because he's doing what he enjoys.

We also put our 1993 Jeep Wrangler up for sale in hopes of finding a more economical vehicle for Shaun to commute in. If you know anyone who looking for one--tell them ours is only $5,100 with 165,000 miles!

We are planning on moving out of our apartment complex and somewhere new at the end of July. We hope we find something awesome. We have 1-2 prospects...but we don't know if they'll work out yet. We're excited because our complex is getting a little trashy and the rent is only going up. And besides, I love decorating new homes! (I'm the daughter of a gypsy...what can I say, I like to move.)

Take care. Have a great weekend everyone.

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