Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did you do the Puyallup?

On Saturday, we left Bellingham and headed to Puyallup for the fair for the for in good spirits...but soon were joined by the rest of the state's enthusiastic fair-goers on the freeway exit. So, we crept to the fair and made it from the Pioneer Exit to the fair's parking in about an hour. Actually, we parked in a locals yard. It cost us $15.00....but we were parked.

We had free tickets from a co-worker and headed directly inside the grounds. Originally, I was determined to ride a ride at the fair with Shaun--since we had never done that before together, but after the traffic getting there, we were not interested in waiting in anymore lines! So...maybe next year. Check out some of our fair pictures. (Lots of flowers because they were the prettiest.)

This was a juggler----juggling 3 golf clubs. (Please exuse my poor camera skills.)

This was a man carving a huge pumpkin. You could buy the huge seeds and plant them at home. Unfourtunatley, we were not motivated enough to spend $5 on a seed...or growing our own gigantic pumpkin. (Please note the enthusiasm of the carver--he's wearing a pumpkin shirt!)

We saw a fair-size cow...from behind.

Look at the cute bunnies cleaning themselves in the video below! We both agreed they were adorable.

This turkey tried to eat our camera strap.

Shaun figured this sheep was going to be a ghost for Halloween.

And then Shaun found his own wool bunny!

Now the pretty flowers...

Also, we spoke to a man who does art in the Western art building. He said that he'd been participating in the fair forever--but was stuck in the boring building. (He used to get more crowds when there wasn't a "Western Building" I guess.

We left the fair shortly after this and made our way to the Tupper's house. We ate pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit in the morning. (Shaun's the one in the Batman pants, duh...)

Then we met up with Shaun's family at a park (Tuppers came too). Shaun played with Richie all over the park's playground toys. He was pretty beat afterwards...but I think Richie was not at all affected by any type of exhaustion. (Kids... :)) And by the way, Andrew (6 months) has gotten so big since the last time we saw him!
Cuties! (Kimi and Andrew)

We talked, ate, hung out... and then took off to make it home for Sophie's 10 year birthday dinner (she's one of the sweet-awesome Booths we live with).



Emma, Wendy and James said...

Yeah for the Puyallup and great shot of my back :-) We have our blog up and running, that for pointing us this way!

Shalise said...

Hey Lindsey! I sent you an email so let me know if you don't get it. p.s I love your blog!!!!