Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water Broken!-- And it feels like I'm making a mess.

FYI: At 1:50 pm, they broke my water for me (and it was clear--which is good). I was put on Pitocin around 9:30 am-- and nothing had really changed. They are hoping the pain will come--as I have had none as of yet.

OH, and in a side note, our nurse, Ina, is friends with the actor who plays Jack in the Jack in the box commercials...ya know, they guy with the big white ball over his face. She's very nice and Dr. Tu is on call today---so, everyone has been nice.

And...they gave me a liquid lunch at 12 pm, and I am so hungry now! It was 1 cup of chicken broth, 4 oz. apple juice, and a cherry ice dessert. (Good, but not enough.) They also offered me tea...but I'm not a fan--even when it's decaffeinated (and missing tea leaves). But, I look forward to real food when all this is finished...oh, that's of course in addition to the awesome appearance of Enoch. I totally look forward to him more!

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kaitlyn said...

i hope you are pushing by now! good luck lindsay! you are awesome... i look forward to hear about the arrival of enoch!