Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Weekend--Wenatchee

Last Friday, we went to my 36 week doctor visit, we asked about induction--because we're not sure if we'll have insurance in July. Well, the doctor. thought that would be fine and we now have a induction date at the hospital at 6am on June 29th! If Enoch comes earlier, we of course won't need to keep the appt. on the 29th. Also, if all of Bellingham has a baby on the 28th--the hospital may call and tell us, "come in later." We sure hope not. That evening, we went left for Wenatchee to visit Shaun's grandparents. We pulled in around 10am--and it was 75 degrees F outside. We were glad we weren't there in the HOT part of the day--which was apparently 90.Shaun wanted to record his Grandpa Weldon's life on camera. So, Shaun did--and got around 3 hours of digital footage. We also, went to lunch and to Rocky Ridge Dam with Shaun's Grandma Johnson. We had nice weather--in the high 70's by 3pm. (It had cooled off from the day before.) We came back to the Weldon household and saw a little bit of nature sitting above the door. It was a baby owl. It just sat there looking at us--a little mad, but stayed quite. It followed Shaun because he was wearing a red shirt---or because he looked most like a mouse...I'm not sure. After looking at the pictures, I saw that it appeared the owl had just killed something because it had grey feathers in his talons, and a little blood around his beak. (It was actually a very adorable owl...because he was sooooo tiny!)On Sunday, we went to church with Shaun's grandpa and heard him bear his testimony in church. It was nice to how touched he was--and I enjoyed the words he said about his wife. (Who stayed at home because she had fallen down in a grocery store the day before, and hurt her leg.)

We went home on Sunday, after church and napped in our bed in Bellingham--recovering from out lack of sleep in Wenatchee--and all the energy the sun took out of us while it made vitamin K.

We had a super weekend.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here's a candid camera video of a typical breakfast prep time when we visit. (Please note that there were LOTS of flys in the house, and Grandma Weldon was trying to kill them in the background.)


Youngbergs said...

That is so great Shaun recorded some of his grandpa's life. What a good idea, especially for Enoch to see when he is older.

PS I love Wenatchee!

The Bergant Family said...

You've had some fun weekends, lately! And it was SUPER FUN seeing you this last weekend in Seattle. You look great and I can't wait to see a "Enoch Nash" post come the 29th or sooner!