Monday, July 6, 2009

One Week Down---and SOOOO Happy!

Well, today Enoch is 1 week old and I finally have the strength and few minutes to post something before the next feeding time--while he's napping. We have gotten a pretty good pattern the last 2-3 days and am not crying--like the first night home--when I couldn't get him to eat and he woke up every hour--or wouldn't go to sleep for many hours..and I felt like I was struggling to meet his most basic needs. But, we called the Baby Mother Center and they sent out a nurse that day to help me figure out breast-feeding. YEAHHH! Also, we studied up on our calming techniques from a video we borrowed--"The Happiest Baby on the Block." (Thanks Alicia and Brandon!) We have been using the techniques and can get a consistent 2 hours (as needed by Enoch at his age) between the next feeding session. We can now enjoy the cutest things--like when he's hiccuping! His eyebrows raise and it's adorable.
Here's a video of us in the hospital when Enoch was only 12 hours old! He is a pretty calm kiddo and we are grateful. He cries when he needs something...but stops once his needs have been met or he's been soothed. We LOVE LOVE LOVE him!
Here's me with Enoch in the hospital--both of us were tired. (This has not changed in the last week.)

I've put in some pictures from the week. FYI: the most common phrase used in our home this week has been, "He's so Cute!" We just can't stop melting over his beauty and impact in our family and hearts.

As we spent the last few hours in the hospital last Wednesday..waiting to go home, Shaun and I were able to speak about the grandure we had just been blessed with. We spoke about the spiritual, eternal, and temporal goals we had and cried about the future pains and joys Enoch would experience in this mortal life. We are excited to go through this with him--and even though we don't want him to grow up--we want him to feel the same happiness we have felt when he starts a family of his own someday. We know this time will be short, and we are determined to be better people, and have lots of fun!

This picture is so sweet of Shaun and his little boy!

Burping Enoch!--Awwww! He's so little.

Enoch's First Sponge Bath--he wasn't digging the cold air part.

And here he is after eating today (I was burping him when Shaun took the picture)--looking a little grown up! 1 WEEK!

Enoch is our JOY and our favoritiest little boy. "He is perfect," said Mommy and Daddy, Dr. Filuke, Dr. Hoffman, the hospital nurses, family, and strangers. We look forward to many years to come with his sweet spirit in our home!

P.S. Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and hellos!


Tim, Rachel & Lacey said...

Everyone is right, he really is perfect! Thank you for taking a second to update us on your sweet family! It's amazing to look at a brand new baby and think of all they can and will acomplish for the Lord on this earth. And even more amazing that as parents we are suppose to teach it all to them! I know you'll be a wonderful mommy, it sounds like you already are! Love ya!

The Bergant Family said...

Oh, he is gosh, dang, stinking cute!!!!!! Good job! I love all those pictures and hope you post more whenever you can. It's rough the first couple of weeks until you get some sleep, but you can do it. And, of course, it is so worth it! Enjoy!

Youngbergs said...

He is so cute! It's amazing how much they change those first few weeks. I'm glad to hear you are surviving -- being a mom is tough!

kaitlyn said...

good job! it is rough work those first few months, but then it gets exponentially easier! you can do it! he is a little hottie! :) isla is over here drooling over his picture all ready!