Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back in the Swing

So, since my last post, I went back to work! I'm a working mom with a great childcare provider (thanks Cheryl) and have a baby who's on a regular sleep schedule! Enoch is asleep by 9 pm every night...and wakes up only once, usually 2 am, and then is asleep until morning when we need to get him up to go to his sitter's house (7 am-ish). I feel very efficient now...and love the schedule. I'm not tired anymore and find I get a lot done. Enoch has been very happy at his sitter's house and has already made good friends with Noah and Hannah, my sitter's kiddos.

Enoch will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and we can hardly believe it. He had his 2 month check up 2 weeks ago...and he was:
13 lb 14oz (90%) and
24 inches (88%) long.
He's a sweetheart---and adorable! He's pretty good at holding up his own head and likes to practice standing while holding mommy and daddy's thumbs. He likes to sit up and look around as well. He seems to know how to wave hello. When we or a friend wave and say "hi," his lifts up one of his arms partway and barley moves his fingers. Of course, we think he's genius!

In other news, Shaun and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on September 9th. Shaun is STILL a FANTASTIC human being, husband, and loyal friend of mine! We've never yelled at each other....we've never lied to each other...and we say sorry ASAP if one of us snaps at the other after a cranky day---or if we (I) are hungry. I love love love my Shaun. We were very happy to welcome Enoch into our lives this year and delighted to hang with him on our anniversary.
In present day, Shaun and I went to Mt. Baker to baby-hike. It was our first time there and we totally can't wait to go back and do more serious hiking (with a baby backpack). Enoch needs to be a bit bigger to fit in one of those (and have COMPLETE head control). Afterwards, we decided to make an impromptu trip to Babys R Us in Lynnwood (to buy more burp clothes) and say hi to Shaun's family before heading over to Quoba for dinner (one of our fav chain restaurants that B'ham does not have) and home to time for Enoch to have his regularly scheduled bath at 8pm. We love our lives!

Oh, and happy birthday Sophie Booth (11)...we look forward to having dinner with you tonight!! Your a darling young lady!

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The Bergant Family said...

Way to go! i'm sure you're busy, but it sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up!