Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

It was another year at the Staples for a Halloween party. Amazingly, Halloween keeps falling on the weekend since we've been married. Anyway, this video shows the infamous "Eat a Donut on a String Quickly" game. I had never played before. It was fun because they were pumpkin donuts--and not powdered donuts. Smart planning hosts.

You may notice a man who was unfortunately stuck right next to the camera. That's Trevor! Enjoy!!! (I set the camera on the top of the Staples refrigerator.)

In other halloween news, we had dinner with the Martinsens the Friday before Halloween--and enjoyed their thin tasty egg-free lasanga. (There kiddo has allergies.) It was nice to catch up. And--I have noticed that with Enoch, I cling to his routine schedule and fear messing with his sleeping schedule. Luckily, the Martinsen's have similar sleep goals and we left at a respectable hour--almost 8 pm. I guess we're not the party animals everyone used to know us for anymore. Or--am I kidding myself? Yeah, I think we could stay up late---but never were the best "partiers." We love having Enoch. He helps us to WANT sleep. (In fact, with daylight savings--he's been going to bed an hour or so early, and I've been teaching him to keep sleeping until 7 am.) And its a 50/50 chance he'll sleep through the night. And now for the big Enoch news, yesterday his first tooth broke through his bottom front gums! We're so excited for him! He's on his way to the possiblities that only chewing can bring! (Like Indian food!!!)

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hermanfox said...

oh my goodness!!! Do you know that you have been on my mind. I am so glad the blogs bring us together!!! And, no way. You had a baby! Incredible. You and shaun are so talented! Congrats! We have some MAJOR catching up to do!