Monday, March 15, 2010

Sick, Allergies?, and the Box

I spent the day home with Enoch since all our sitters got sick. Enoch got to have his first experience playing in a BOX. He liked it.

Illness struck the Weldon home in the form of a stomach virus on March 1st. It was awful! After 7 days, it was gone and we started a regular week.

Then on March 11 (last Thursday), Enoch went to the allergist for a scratch test since his face has developed an eczema issue. Guess what?! He's not allergic to ANYTHING! They tested him for food allergies like milk, eggs, wheat, oats, nuts, ...I can't remember all the foods. They also tested for dust, cats and dogs....which he did not react to as well. The good thing is we don't have to change out diet and it will be less scary introducing new foods. The allergist figured he'd just grow out of the eczema in a few years. So, we were happy.

Here's a box video. Adorable little boy!!

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kaitlyn said...

I HATE EZCEMA. blaine has it really bad and it is horrible. it seriously affects so much about our day to day life. i have been meaning to do a post about it. i am glad you don't have to worry about introducing new foods.

he is getting so old, cute, and big! i can't believe how quickly he is growing up. what a doll!