Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and General Conference Weekend

Hooray! We had another successful Conference weekend. We noticed that there was a heavy focus on the family and youth this time. It was very uplifting and humbling.
Here's Enoch watching Conference on Sunday. He had quit the set-up. It's too bad this wouldn't be reverent enough for church on Sunday!

Enoch received a special Easter Basket/Bucket from the Booths on Sunday. Enoch was eating when Sophie brought it down. He says thank you friends!

Below is a video of Enoch playing with the Easter gifts WE gave him. (Some plastic eggs with candy inside--that he could never eat--but kept in for the rattle noise. They were kind of big...I think I'd get smaller ones next year...or maybe it's too late.)
This weekend was a lovely time to spend time with our little family!


Tim, Rachel and our girls said...

Yes, coference was amazing and your little Enoch is so cute with his candy filled Easter eggs, but my favorite part is not this post. It's the "Good night?" scene posted before. Seriously, I think that scene is how every night goes in the Holman house... I'm still laughing! You have such a way with telling stories... man, I miss you! 143 and Happy (late) Easter!

The Bergant Family said...

Those darn daddies! I think they sneak in at night and teach their babies to say daddy first. That's probably why Enoch wakes up at 2am. Just kidding. Good job, little guy! I love that he still loves the box!!!!