Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fox Sighting...

...Emily Fox that is! My dear old friend! I was one of the first people to save her from her mean housemates who wouldn't let her entertain in the living room (so they could watch TV)...and she saved me from my emotionally driven drama roommates my sophomore year in college who could be way intense at times. Like the time I took my roommate to the ER when she thought she might die because her chest hurt---Emily was there! (My roommate ended up having heartburn--poor roommate.) ANYWAY....Emily Fox came over with my other best bud--Emily Pool. It was a wonderful time to catch up. We made dinner and chatted. Ate chicken lettuce wraps. I gave Enoch a bath while they cleaned up...and as quickly as she had come--she was gone. It was like a sweet dream. Luckily, I got some pictures. She and Enoch bonded during these pictures. Perhaps you can see the progression.

Look it's Emily Pool!!!!....eating! (Sorry Em.)
And here's one last picture that makes Emily Fox look like an Evil Jealous Queen...and Emily Pool look like Snow White. (See how being with my old friends makes me so creative...and happy. ) Thanks for coming girls!!!!! I love you oodles!


Aimee said...

What fun! What awesome pictures! I miss all you girls, and Bellingham too! xoxo

hermanfox said...

oh lindsay! i am an evil jealous queen, jealous of your creativity, hospitality, and of all things, your sweet baby! thank you for us over, it was like a dream...sigh. miss you!