Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't believe it's been a year!

Newborn sucking on Shaun's finger because we didn't own a pacifier (at the time).
Enoch turned one year old today! We celebrated with family on Saturday (I'll post that later). Today, we gave Enoch a balloon, whole milk, and a special birthday dessert--whipped cream...from the can. We didn't start out planning on giving it to him this way, he just was so interested...and he liked it! So, who were we to deny him a little fun on his birthday?

We love your Enoch and are astonished at how much you've grown this last year!


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Suzanne said...

happy birthday enoch!!

Tim, Rachel and our girls said...

That is too cute... "Mmmmm!" I'm glad he had a fun birthday! And as far as I'm concerned Rediwhip makes and birthday better ;) Happy Birthday Enoch!!!

Youngbergs said...

Happy Birthday Enoch! I love the picture of him ready for the next shot of whipping cream.