Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Funeral in Utah

My great grandma passed away. We took some time off and drove to Utah for the funeral. It was a long drive---the longest for Shaun since we drove through the night---and it was basically Shaun driving.

We brought a cooler with milk for Enoch...and he loved his milk.
The funeral was in Logan. My dad flew and so I got to see him too....along with all my cool family!!!

We ate at the Blue Bird in Logan afterwards with the family. Shaun and I had a sleepy baby--so, we took turns eating...and sitting.
Then we went to Bountiful to stay with my Uncle John's house. We did some tourist stuff on Temple Square. We went inside the South Visitor Center to see the new peek inside the temple display. Very cool (no pictures)!! And then we took Enoch into the Tabernacle--where he starting to enjoy speaking--and hearing his echo. (See video below)
Shaun had never been in the conference, we did the tour. My Uncle John was along for the tour. It was VERY the roof-top was a bit uncomfortable.

This is Peter (my cousin) holding Enoch. Enoch really liked him!
We went to the Pioneer Village in Salt Lake. Here's a picture inside of Bringham Young's Farm House.

Weird chair at another house.

Later we saw Shaun's Uncle Mike--(AKA Guido) and he bought us lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen.


Then we drove home...

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hermanfox said...

great pictures, looks like utah was grand. and grandly hot, as always. miss you.