Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Family Photos

When we got family photos taken 1-22-11, it was Enoch's lucky day because he got to run around, be chased by a photographer, his parents, and he even jumped into a crowd of kids running and was SOOOO happy. As I look at the pictures, I think about how special these pictures are. These weren't posed pictures, they were action  shots---and I love how uninhibited Enoch is. I imagine, someday he'll fake a smile for a family picture--and I'll have to resort to silly clown antics to get a natural smile out of my little guy. 
Here he is doing some warm-up laps before Shaun and I joined in.
 Catch me if you can! (He may look still--but his teasing pause.) He was running in and out of a little chained up eating area.
 As soon as we sat, Enoch ran our delight. (We like to see him happy.) Also, strangers see a photographer and think, "Oh, their child is running everywhere for pictures....well, that's okay!"
 None of our shots really "worked" since Enoch was suppose to sit. So, off we went.
 Shaun thought, "Maybe we can put him on our shoulders....that will be fun and we don't have to chase him." Yep!
 But, soon enough, Enoch was released from daddy's shoulders and up we climbed a hidden trespass. Nobody seemed to mind....just stay quiet...and be sneaky.
A door to try and open...he's an opportunist. (It didn't open.- Phew!)
 Can I catch you? (Note:magic hands are funner to run away from than towards.) 
 Hey Enoch, lets act natural and talk about how cute you are before we put you down and chase you some more.
Curiosity? Yes, please!

We ran into a doggie! Oh boy! Enoch was thrilled! So, was the doggie.

 Now let's go into an area full of breakable pretty things. Right after this picture was taken, Enoch threw the glass ball ($17) he's holding. Lucky me, it didn't break. We decided this was a better area for Senior Pictures.
 Awe! Shaun and Enoch chilling out. 
Looking inside an old mail box. 
 This is in front of a commercial garage door on a hill. Cool huh!!! 
 Back to the Fairhaven Green. Did I mention that I can catch Enoch if I really want to...but I didn't. (I wanted him to have fun.)

 Here's where some birthday party group of kids (9 yrs old maybe) were running around for a game--and Enoch joined in without hesitating. We had to grab him  and carry him off--and he expressed his disapointment.
Enoch liked the water fountain here. Also, he kept trying to get down and explore the public bathrooms around the corner. 
 Enoch trying to escape our grip.

 Do you see the little girl in the left corner. She and her sister were fascinated with Enoch...and he with them. The girl's father awkarding stood nearby trying to get his girls to get out of the pictures....Bellingham people are so nice. We told him his girls were actually helping to get Enoch to smile!
Second to last shot...tickling Enoch in our arms...fighting off his nap-time crankies.

It was a very memorable experience. I am so glad we made an event out of getting pictures. It captured an hour of our lives together. It was beautiful.


Alicia said...

Those are so cute. I love the ones where you and Enoch are at the window. Darling. I like your tie idea as well! You guys look great!

Maren O_o said...

You guys are adorable and you look great Lindsay!

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