Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Special Visitor- KAT!!!

Katarina Mollerstrom, my gorgeousness missionary trainer from Sweden (currently residing in Denmark), came to visit our family this past weekend. It was a wonderful visit because we were able to connect and talk about a lot of important things in our lives. I am still tired from staying up late talking. :)

She arrived on Friday night. In the morning, we took her to Bellingham's famous- "The Bagelry." She had a Lox and Cream Cheese bagel. Enoch refused to eat she got to sample the strawberry cream cheese too.

Kat asked Shaun and I about things no one has ever asked us about- regarding our relationship and SHE GOT ANSWERS! We then went to Mallards Ice Cream next door--ate LOTS of ice cream...Kat sampled probably half of the flavors before deciding which made the final cut. 

Then we headed to Seattle to show her the Pacific Science Center. Lots of interactive displays and water to spray...
 Enoch in the Dinosaur Foot Print...which he get's his picture in every year.
 Getting to play with a bug puzzle.
 Kat looking at a butterfly in the Butterfly Dome.

 THE WATER!!! This was hard to pull away from for Enoch.
 The music room was fun...

 We walked around to get some pictures of the Seattle Space Needle. 
 Then we rode the Monorail! Enoch was delighted...because it's just like a train....and HE LOVED Kat!! She made sure he could see what was going on.

 Then on Sunday, we brought Kat to church with us. We enjoyed a several very uplifting talks and lessons. Kat said we had a great ward. Enoch made some great Heart Art in Nursery. Then we came home. Enoch took a nap. Kat made lunch---and dinner. Lunch was pesto stuffed chicken breasts, roasted vegetables, and sauted vegetables.

Dinner (or should I say dessert) was Swedish Pancakes! (Pictured below) They were like crapes. Toppings included ice cream, whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries, Nutella, blackberry jam, and bananas. It was special "healthy" treat! 
 Please note the brownie looking dish. This was a recipe made to come out like an under cooked brownie-- partially liquidy. It was really good. Kat really knows her desserts!

Then on Monday morning, I took her to the Bellingham Airport, where she caught a shuttle bus down to Seattle. We all already miss her! Thanks for visiting Kat. You are welcome anytime!!! 

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