Monday, October 8, 2012

Birth of Max-- the Story

September 10, 2012 

I was over due about 5 days...and I couldn't wait any longer for Max to come. I was thinking about all the family members on the other side of the state and needed a weekend when there wasn't a WSU football game in town. (No hotel rooms) So, at my OBGYN appointment, I was asked when I wanted to have my baby. I responded, "Expeditiously." My doctor called the hospital, who said I could come in immediately. 

We left excited. We just needed to get Enoch a place to stay and pack a little. My phone rang about 30 minutes after we left and I was told that a woman in active labor had come into the hospital and they no longer could take me. I was really let down since I had gotten REALLY pumped up in the past 30 minutes and even had a sitter for Enoch. So, I cancelled the sitter and instead went in for a "stress test" at the hospital at the request of my doctor a few hours later.

Unborn baby Max passed the stress test did I. I asked the nurses if this was really a "cool test" to see what kind of patient I see if they'd make room for me to be induced the next morning. I was assured it was not...but if it was I passed it because we were told to come in the next morning at 8 am to start the induction. 

September 11, 2012

We came in the all hooked up...ordered some breakfast...and waited. At about 11 ish I had my water broken by my doctor. Then around 12:30 pm I got an epidural...and at 5:52 pm Maxwell Murray Weldon was born. My doctor (Dr. Nigel Campbell) was in Moscow in another birth, so, another doctor (Dr. Trihn) from his office came to deliver Max from her office around the corner. All was well with me and baby (perfect heart rates and blood pressure--no complications)... until the birth canal exit when a bit of "excitement" came about. The umbilical cord was shorter than normal and Max came out with his head facing up (rather than the normal down). This pulled on the cord put added stress on Max and he wasn't breathing on his own when I delivered him. (After about 15- 20 minutes after I'd started with the first push.) He was put on me and then quickly taken to the side by the nurses to work with him when they saw he was limp. 

The nurses gave him oxygen and rubbed his body and waited to see what would happen. The room was silent as we waited for Max to start breathing. After about 20 seconds he started breathing on his own. Then the nurses took him to the nursery to keep watching him. Shaun went too. I was cleaned up in silence by the doctor and nurses who didn't want to talk much (I suspect to balance out my own change in mood.) Thankfully, Max was okay...but the my spirits had gone from a lighthearted happy epidural to a very serious. There were about 3 -5 minutes when I was alone in the hospital room (after the doctor had finished and the nurses left to check on Max) and I started to cry...thinking about what almost happened...and concern as to him being away from me. But, one nurse returned and did her best to comfort me...and just as she finished up Shaun came in holding Max and gave him to me to hold. I felt much better and relived.

Max had a huge bruise on the top right back of his head from the way he came out...likely pressing on my pelvic bone a lot. His head was a off shaped...but by morning his head shape was normal and the bruise started to heal quickly and never became a problem. Max met Enoch the next day. Shaun picked up some "trucks" for Max to gift to Enoch as a hello of sorts. Enoch was more interested in the trucks for the first hour...but eventually wanted to hold Max and give him kisses and a hug.
We went home September 12th around 7 pm because we didn't want to make someone watch Enoch 2 nights in a row...and it would be more comfortable. Enoch was going bonkers by the end...and started running circles around us while we tried to get the car seat set up in the hospital room before checking out. I could only sigh and welcome the new uncontrolled chaos that having 2 boys would bring.
My wonderful new friends from church brought us meals for a week...and we were able to start the adjustment to having two kiddos.

We love Max...we love having him here...and he looks IDENTICAL to Enoch at this age. It's remarkable. I'm having flashbacks all the time! 
Love my family!!!


Vicky said...

He's an adorable baby! Sorry you had to go through that scary stuff, though! And I'm so glad Enoch has a brother!

Youngbergs said...

Congratulations on your little guy! I am so glad to hear Max is home and doing ok.

Tanya said...

Max is so sweet! Congratulations, Lindsay :) I love reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of your cute kids! love ya :)