Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top 6 Songs to Describe Our Relationship...cause I'm tired and can't do 10

Shaun and I had quick courtship...3 weeks...and then a short engagement....3 months...and now we've been married 7 years and are quite blessed to say they have been very happy years. Tonight, after watching a lot of YouTube music videos with Shaun, I asked him if he would be game to put together a list of songs that would describe our relationship. Thankfully, he was willing. So, without any further delay here's....OUR TOP 6 SONGS TO DESCRIBE OUR RELATIONSHIP!

SONGS.... 1. Must Have Done Something Right/ Relient K
As with most seems to lead up to chance happenings, but somehow they evolve into lasting relationships. For Shaun and I, it was love...and this song was one Shaun found early in our marriage and would play for me...and reminds us of how lucky we each feel to be married to eachother. In fact, one anniversary-- I did make jerseys.)

2. Kiss the Girl/ Little Mermaid
This song is related to how Shaun and I had our first kiss....I may or may not have acted out this scene to get him to kiss me for the first time. That's all I can say.

3. Quando Quando Quando/ Michael Buble
There's a lot of Quandos in our life. Quando to kiss (1st week), Quando to Say the "L" word (2nd week), Quando to get engaged (3rd week), etc....The Quandos never stop, especially being parents.

4. On Top of the World/ Imagine Dragons 
This is a happy anthem of hoorah...and a dancin' song. We get energy from the happy days to push on through the more mundane and sad ones. We dance as a family in the living we're doing a group floor routine in an earthquake. Shaun and I dance MORE just to get the kids to dance...because they are adorable.

5. Bellingham State of Mind / Nathan Cox feat. Rashawn Scott
We lived in Bellingham the first 6 years of our marriage...and nearly everything in this video reminds us of a million memories in the City we both went to college in and even had our first child. (Also, I co-directed the guy, Nathan, in a play (who sings this) from my theater department days at Western WA even he is a memory.)

6. "Carol Brown" (Choir of Ex Girlfriends) - Flight of the Conchordst 
We chose this video because not only was Shaun married once before marrying me (Lindsay), but because it represents our dry sense of humor...(even though we'd NEVER say "shut up").

EXTRA (Not a song)
7. It's Not About the Nail
I am a "communicater", sometimes thats all I want to do. Everyday Shaun is a "listener". Over time, he has developed a keen ear for when he needs to say something helpful. 

I know there's more we could describe ourselvs be a bit deeper...but this is the internet and I'm tired. (Goodnight.)

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