Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winco Bulk Food Price List

I went to Winco in Moscow, Idaho, last week to buy many items from their extensive bulk department. It was 8:30 pm on a Thursday...and not very busy. I love the prices in bulk, especially for baking.The prices seem to be cheaper or equal in most instances I've done a price comparison on items. 

So, I asked an employee, wearing a tag that stated he was the Bulk Foods Manager, if I could get a copy of the list of the items they currently carry with the price. The man surprised me by stating that their pricing was a secret. I pointed at the items behind him and I said, but all the prices are right there. It saves me time. It's all in your store computer. He said it didn't matter. At least I would have to take the time to write them all it was a punishment. I told him I wasn't interested in any formulas or algorithms for how they priced items....just the price next to the food item. Nope... he said they would never do that. I told him that all the items in bulk are generally listed on Winco's website --but not each item was in this particular store....and I just got shut down. This bothered, I proceeded to take pictures of all the items I would ever be interested in on a regular basis. (Not candy, pet food, processed foods, pre-made mixes, granola mixes...since I could make my own if needed. --I don't have a pet either.)  

I put together a list of all the items using their list of items on their website and an Excel Spreadsheet. It wasn't that hard, but a boring task. For my fellow NW Winco go-ers, I want to share my list to avoid loosing out on the best deal. I've stood at Costco in front of the All Purpose Flour...wondering if it was cheaper at Winco. (It turns out there the same....32 cents a pound.) I hope this can aid comparision shopping and knowing what products are available to you in bulk.
You can view the list below, or go to the file I saved online (on Google Drive), HERE.

powdered cheese mix
It's not on my price list (because it's not what I would buy), but you can buy Cheese Powder, which I suspect is the stuff in the Kraft Mac and Cheese boxes. If you were a real boxed mac and cheese fan, I'd say this is a cheap way to get lots and lots of it.

FYI: You can buy a case of any bulk item (the size Winco gets to fill up it's containers) for 5% discount. If you're into food storage, this is one resource to use!

I hope this is a helpful and you can save money! 

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Yuko said...

Surprisingly, it seems it's the foodstore industry's standard policy to not share the pricing info on their products, due to competition. I was taking photo's of isles in a brand new Fred Meyer a while back, and my photographs almost got confiscated. I think you were lucky they let you take pictures there!