Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nephew Richie's Birthday--Party at the Zoo!

June 7th--We went to the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo for our nephew Richie's 3rd birthday. It was a blast! The Tuppers--including Emma (2 1/2) came and had an enjoyable overcast day with the Weldon clan. We were there from 9:20am until 4:20pm...then a few more presents to open back at Richie's house in Kirkland.
(Pictured to left is Emma feeding a bird and above, Richie on a metal elephant.)
June 14th, Saturday, we went to Kirkland again and visited Shaun's Dad for father's day and spent the night at Motel Tupper (our friend's house). Then we drove to Seattle Sunday morning, picked up Lindsay's sister Laurel and headed to Covington to surprise Lindsay's dad for father's day. We made him an Indian dinner, watched a movie/slideshow, opened gifts, made cookies. Lindsay's dad even helped out in the kitchen!! He did great.
In other news, Lindsay took Shaun's hunter safety class and passed with flying colors. Her dear friend Emily Pool joined in on the class as well. She passed as well. (Yeah Emily)
Also, we have a place to move into in August...just down the street with a family in our ward (church) named the Booths. We're excited to have such fun neighbors!
Anyway, that's the catch up!

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