Monday, October 20, 2008

Grow where you're planted--even if it's in a pumpkin patch.

This is some lettuce that's growing in the driveway. The seed was very far from the garden. It reminded Shaun of the inspirational thought, "Grow where you're planted." I loved that!

Our friends the Tuppers came to Bellingham for a day of Pumpkin Patch Fun at Stoney Ridge Farms. Please see the pictures below to observe the delight!
We took them to La Fiamma. Emma had buttered noodles....she stuck each noodle on her fork before eating it. Yummy...Dessert was a toasted smore....we enjoyed them as you can tell.
There were many pumpkin themed pictures to take.I thought the Pumpkin tree was cool!

And I liked how classic mini-pumpkins looked in this old bicycle basket.
At the patch--Emma discarded her gourd for a spot in the wheel barrow. (Classic.)
Of course--even though there are many pumpkins--we had to find just the right ones.

Emma rode this train--not on this round though. I thought it was uniquely-youthful that the children could enjoy going in a circle.
This is a goat food plank. The goats climb up a walk to get to the food that the public raises on a pulley. It's a cool way to make a quarter Stoney Farms.

Did we mention how beautiful it was this weekend?! That's Mt. Baker.And we went to the Ward Pinewood Derby Saturday night after the Tuppers left. Shaun and I didn't win the whole caboodle, but we each won one race each!
Then Sunday got a little boring and Chip--the dog--really wanted attention. So, Maren and Sofie dressed him up in one of Sofie's dress-up gowns. He was a good sport...and he seemed to like the attention.

And...then after that--Maren had to vacuum...and again was able to entertain me.

It was a good weekend with lots of friends and good memories.


PS--It was my brother Shawn's birthday Saturday! Happy 24th Shawn!

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The Bergant Family said...

I love the pumpkin tree too! Very modern-cool!