Monday, October 27, 2008

Change is in the air...

We went on a trip to Bellevue to visit the Temple this weekend. We had a lovely time. Afterwards, Shaun and I went by his family's house to say hi. Ree, Shaun's brother, hadn't told anyone else we were coming, so, they were surprised when we walked in the door. LUCKILY, we made it early enought to meet Critt's date (Shaun's sister). His name was Max.

Of course, Richie was VERY excited to see us...or should I say his playful Uncle Shaun! Richie learned to pop balloons with a toothpick. (Richie had no fear.) Unfourtunalty, the popping could not last very long without bothering everyone else.

BUT, our family was excited to see us and speak with us.

Anyway, we then decided to say hi to the Tuppers while we where in the area. We grabbed some Applebee's with them for dinner and decided we DO NOT LIKE the 3 Cheese Penne. Way too much cheese--actually made us feel sick. Our buger was much better---as well as the boneless buffalo wings. Emma still remebered us from last weekend and we didn't have to wait for her to show her silly side.

Then we drove home and went to sleep. We had a long day! On Sunday we were able to speak with my family on the phone. People were happy to chat and plan for future get togethers and events.

As much as I love Christmas--I really am looking forward to July when all the fireworks will be popping out and my birth-day will brighten up everyone's lives. (A bit self centered, right?)

Oh, well, have a good week everyone!

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The Jensen Family said...

I just found your blog....looks like you have found ours.
Glad to see it looks like life is going well and full of fun in your house.
Brian hopes Shaun is still busying and enjoying his job.