Monday, January 19, 2009

"BIRTHS Are All Around Us" Weekend

The weekend was full of birth-related events.

First, Saturday morning--I attended Sam Weigel's baby shower (she's due Feb. 2nd). It was held by Alica Walters--who is also expecting a new baby! Sam does not yet know the sex, so, there were lots of green and yellow items. Sam doesn't strike me as a "PINK" girl anyway. I doubt she's not missing the color's absence.

We played a baby game--which I lost--but was not surprised to loose. The amazing Mrs. Staples swept the board and blew everyone out of the water with correct-ness. Julia Mumford made the comment--"It goes to show you that the older you get the less you remember" (or maybe it was about intelligence reduction over time?--I can't remember). The pictures are of the part-tay are below!
Gift recording--done by Kaityn Holman.

Alica looks so pretty! (Kind of like Malibu Barbie with this lovely tone of magenta even.)

BLURRY--Sam smiling! After the shower, Shaun and I headed South to Bothell for our 3 year-friend, Emma's, Birthday Party!! She is in LOVE with the Little Mermaid, so, her cake reflected that. Although, we heard there was a little drama between Misty and the QFC cake decorator's skill level. Apparantly, the decorator cave Ariel brown hair instead of her signature red hair. So, Ariel had an emergency salon appointment with Misty and Wendy. Oh, and speaking of Misty, it was her birthday Sunday--so, we also enjoyed spending time with her too. (We couldn't make her late night bash in Seattle--sorry.)
After the Tuppers, we headed over to Shaun's Parent's house to say hello and drop off a birthday present for Shaun's dad, Pops. He was delighted with the old Garfiled DVDs we gave him since he's a big fan. We saw how big our nephews Richie and Andrew have grown to be. They're lots of fun! Kimi let me know that she has picked out fabric for the baby carrier she's making me. She didn't show me the fabric--as it will be a surprise. (Kimi, even though you made me feel like I should be nervous a bit--I'm sure it will be adorable and useful.)
Then on Sunday, Shaun and I drove to Ferndale for Stake Conference (a meeting held with lots of area congregations--which is held 2 times a year). It was great and very uplifting. Our stake president spoke on understanding/remembering who we were (Children of God with great worth--as all people are). We sat by Sam and Warren Weigel. They were good row buddies.

And look what we found on Main Street in Ferndale (TUPPERS!!). It is still under construction, but I'm pretty sure this will help our friends to come and visit more often.
AND THEN TODAY...we went to get another ultrasound. I'm at 16 weeks. I finally had Shaun take a picture of me so you can see my true belly size.
AND---Please enjoy the beautiful BOY pictures! Yes, it was confirmed we had a boy when he stretched out for the Ultrasound and showed off his manhood! We also have a picture of his left hand (with all five fingers) and two profile pictures. At this point, the eyes are where they will stay and when he looked straight at us--he totally had the Skelator face ("Heman" reference folks!). He's a mover/wiggler! I can't feel him yet, but he kept stretching out and kicking his legs. Then he even flipped over when we were listening to the heart beat. By the way, when they move during the heart-beat 'listen'--the heart beat sound just goes away! Kind of a confusing moment for us both until we got back in position and heard the little guys BOOM-BOOM-BOOM (heart beat).
OUR BIG BOY, Enoch! Giving us a good stretch!
Well, Shaun and I both think that being pregnant is VERY fun! While we'd like to hang out with our boy (ya know in our arms), we really enjoy sleeping at night and will continue to take advantage of this sleep until he arrives sometime around July 5, 2009!!! (So, unless he's born at the end of June--Family and Friends should plan on attending the baby blessing the first Sunday in August (2nd)up in Bellingham at 11am. Thanks!


Alicia said...

Those are amazing ultrasound photos! It's good that you know for sure so you can plan ahead. How awesome! I loved all the pictures you posted from the shower. I look nothing like a Barbie, but I appreciated your kindness to me because today I'm especially feeling HUGE! Can't wait to trim down after this baby girl is born.

Teri said...

This is just the beginning of that boy dancing around naked! Now we can start getting ready officially, love Teri

Anonymous said...

Lindsay! Those are such great pictures...I'm super excited to start looking for baby stuff for newest best friend, little Enoch:)

Take care.


Irene M. said...

Hey Sister! It's great to find you here! I love your pictures! Congrats for the soon to -be-born baby!