Thursday, January 22, 2009

So, I've never been tagged before--other than on the playground and once at a garage sale (just kidding)--so, thanks Cheryl.
Where we met: Bear Creek Singles Branch in Bothell--at a activity. (I refused to be part of the ward since I wasn't going to be in town long. I only went to the activities--at first, because I was bored and my friend went with me. Oh, and I needed a date with a free meal--I was starving when I got home from my mission! I was living with my dad after I got off in March--and planning to go back to college in the fall in Bellingham. My dad thought by not giving me much acess to the groceries, it would encourage me to get a job.)
How long we dated before we got hitched: Engaged after 3 weeks right before father's day. We were married September 9, 2006--before I started fall quarter.

How long have we been married: 2 years, 4 months, 13 days (same as the Martinsens)

What's my favorite feature about him: Muscular arms...and legs.

What's my favorite quality about him: Interest and care for other's well being.

What's his nickname for me: He calls me "Baby"---and "My love."

His favorite color: GREEN

His favorite food: Ginger flavored things--and Vermont Curry--and Jambalaya are a good start.

His favorite sport: Hunting maybe-- if that counts.

Who said the L word first: I forced him to say it basically. He did, but in Japanese--and I knew what he was saying--but I played dumb until he said the English L work. Then I said it back--finally in week 2.

First kiss when and where: His roommates house while sitting on the living room couch. (At the end of dating week 1)

Favorite couple thing to do: Try new foods, recipes, or restaurants...and kiss. That's really fun!

How many kids: WE HAVE ONE ON THE WAY---16 weeks, 4 days along.

His hidden talent: He can tell you all sorts of facts and info on animals and plants--and superheros.

His age: 28--almost 29.

His favorite music: A wide variety---but he really loves Nickelback and Harry Connick Jr.

What I admire most about him: His integrity and endurance. He can fail over and over--but he won't lie to make himself look better. He just keeps at it and develops new skills and virtues along the way. He's a good example of an honest--and happy person.

His favorite pastimes: Hummm---what pasttime? He's really busy right now. Ideally, he'd like to be hiking and exploring Mt. Baker. He'd also like to be hunting, camping, and travelling.

Will he read his: Yep. He caught me writing, he'll find it.

Tag: Alicia Walters, Rachel (Moss) Holman, and Vicki Duersch.


Alicia said...

I have never been tagged before. What do I do? Do I do a write-up like this about Brandon? Let me know and I'm in!

Alicia said...

P.S. It was fun reading about your first date/kiss. I'm sorry your dad made you starve after your mission, that doesn't seem hardly fair.

Alicia said...

I'm just going to go ahead and assume I do a write-up about Brandon. I'll post it in a sec...

Tim, Rachel & Lacey said...

Okay, it took me long enough, but it's finally posted... Love ya!!!

Sabrina said...

YOU ARE PREGNANT!??!? YAY!!!!! :) I miss you! Teaching ASL in Enrichment these days. Boy, I've forgotten a lot. :)