Friday, February 6, 2009

Can You Hear It Too?

Dr. Tu showed Shaun how to hear the baby's heartbeat. Watch this! Shaun is really good at this. I hope other daddies-to-be (or daddies about to have one more kiddo) can learn from this amazing technique.

I love him soooooo MUCH!


Alicia said...

THAT is so dang funny. He's got that sound down exactly right!! Lol. ;-)

jeremy and steph said...

helllooooo :)
I am so glad you emailed me! I sent you an invite to our blog of course...let me know ifyou don't get it.
It looks like you are doing so have a beautiful prego tummy! :) Congratulations! Being a mom is the Best! You will absolutely love it! I am glad to see you went on to get a theater degree!...we always knew you had to! Have you done much with it? Working for a law firm sounds pretty exciting too :)
Congrats on your marriage both look very happy and in love together :) And you are looking so pretty, and your wedding pics at the bottom are just gorgeous...anyway, enough we can be blog friends and keep up more often so I don't have to write a mile-long list of congratulatory statements :)