Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catch Up On The Other Big Events

Hey! I was up to some sneaky Valentines Day plans a few weeks ago--allow me to share what I did for Shaun this year. I designed and ordered these T-shirts from online. (Fun to make--but pricey.) They coorilate with a song Shaun and I have called "We should Jerseys, cause we make a good Team." It's by some punk band--I can't recall at the moment. The shirst say "Team Weldon" on the front and on the back have our name and number. And I even made one for Enoch. (Maybe we'll wear these home from the hospital.) I also made him a SWEET music video to go along with the song. Sorry I can't post it, but if you come over--maybe Shaun will let you watch it. It's only a little romantic.

Next on the list of things to mention is that we have already been blessed with some wonderful gifts and free baby things. Please see the below slightly used bassenett (thanks Carol Chambers and family) that is full of gifts we recieved so far from our friends and family. I suppose I was doing a test run with the clothing to make sure the baby would fit. I must admit, I'm very excited for Enoch and was very proud of my vinette I created with this baby stuff. Close up: you can see the hat and matching shoes I found for $3.00 on clearance. It was the first thing I have bought for Enoch.

Now onto Shaun's 29th birthday!! It was February 20th. We went our ultrasound in the morning, then school and work. We went to lunch together at Bayou on the Bay downtown. Then for dinner we grabbed some mexican food from El Tapateo (roach coach on Meridian at the yellow gas station by the Bellingham Althletic Club) and watched Brian Regan's comedy act we'd gotten from Netflicks.

We ate German Chocolate Cake--which I made from a box--with the Booths and enjoyed the company. (We only put 1 candle in the cake because we couldn't be bothered to use a whole box and a half.) The next day Shaun's parents and sister came up for Saturday and much of Sunday. Shaun had a good weekend. AND--we went out with Steve and Teri Booth to Anthony's Hearthfire Grill on Monday (a gift from them for Shaun's B-day) for dinner. It was delicious and fun to spend some alone time with the masters of the house. (Wink-smile)

Although, if you're interested, Shaun was working on the chicken coop that he's been building in the backyard for the Booths the day before his birthday---and unfournatley injured his right middle finger with the tip of the electric screw-driver. It cracked his fingernail open and he bled a bunch. It seems to be doing better. We hope the nail doesn't fall off. But--now your basically caught up. THE END...for today.


Alicia said...

Cool! I like the t-shirt idea and I'm glad you guys are having fun. One time, I got my thumb trapped in the car door and it did take my thumb nail off completely. At first I was going to tell you the details but after typing them, realized it was yucky so if Shaun's nail does fall off and you have any questions you'd like answered from a veteran of nail off-age, let me know.

Youngbergs said...

I love your jerseys! We had a onesie for Sophie that was similar, but not for the whole family. What a cute idea!

PS Happy Birthday Shaun!