Thursday, July 23, 2009


As I reflect upon what to post this week, it was brought to my attention that I forgot to blog about Enoch's other visitors during the first week of his life. (Oh my goodness!--this slipped by in my sleepy daze.) Shaun's side of the family made the journey up to Bellingham during Enoch's first week of life. He was happy to see them and was very good for them while they held him lovely. Enoch's Grandpa and Grandma Weldon drove up and arrived at the hospital about 25 minutes before visiting hours were up just to say hello from Kirkland, WA. Enoch had the first of what is predicted to be many Weldon photo shoots throughout his adorable life! Here's a picture of Grandma Weldon!! (Grandpa hid behind his camera and we didn't get a shot of him.) His grandparents again returned with Uncle Ree, Aunt Kimi, cousins Richie and Andrew, and of course Aunt Critt (Crystal). We all hung around the house as Enoch slept in everyone's arms. His cousin Richie was especially excited to say hello and made sure to approach and touch Enoch with a calm gentle touch. (Richie is 4...and Andrew is about 1.5.) Unfortunately, I was pretty out of it this week and felt like a sleepless zombie who wasn't very fun during this visit. Luckily, the Weldons understood and picked up some delicious pizza and came with gifts to help out--like a crib, (thanks Ree and Kimi for sticking that monster in your van), clothes, a homemade carrier and blanket. And--of course for you!

Now in recent news, we went to the Raspberry Festival in Lynden on Saturday. It was our first event that we could go out as a family. It was really FUN with Enoch there--even though he slept the whole time. We are starting to see how fun simple outings are more delightful for us when we have a baby to bring along and share the experience. (We wouldn't have stayed as long as we did without him.) Below is a picture of a muscle car Shaun liked--it was the closest to his real dream man car. I can't say I share in his passion for this car--but I do appreciate his taste and that his choice reflects a young speed thing--as opposed to the black car I added--which seems weird and out of place to me.
Then on Monday, July 20th, I celebrated a low-key 26th birthday on Monday. My friend Alicia was the first to surprise me that morning when I opened my e-mail and saw that she had ordered me a fake diamond ring to hold the place of my wedding ring (as I lost it at the hospital) from It was very sweet of her. Then, I was surprised again by Shaun who came home early with a pretty little blue box from Harry Richie's Jewelers. YEP....he bought me a real ring for my birthday. You see, I had a fake Dimonique wedding ring since we couldn't afford a real ring when we got married. When I lost my $40-70 ring at the hospital, that was a catalyst for Shaun to activate his man ring choosing power. He did a great job and got me something like what I had before--but with real diamonds! Thanks Shaun! You did a great job. I love that it's flat and feminine--and won't cut our baby when I hold him! Thank you also to those who sent me warm birthday wishes. I really appreciated those!
Also, my jogger arrived Tuesday and it's awesome! Now that we have air in the tires, we took Enoch out for a walk yesterday evening. He fell asleep and seems to favor the bump terrain over smooth pavement. (Teri tells me this is a boy thing.:))
Other than that, life is rolling along. Enoch and I are enjoying our summer days and nights together. We LOVE having daddy home in the evening to hang out with. (Shaun always comes home--finds Enoch and says hello--it's so sweet.)

And--how can I post without a new shot of Enoch? Here's him oddly placed by Shaun in his swing. It's adorable!!!! (Don't worry, we were watching him in the living room and made sure he was breathing and okay while laying on his side/tummy like this.)
That's all for now!


Youngbergs said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That is so sad about losing your ring at the hospital, but it looks like it worked out for the best.

Kimi said...

He is such a little cutie! I just love to hear all about him. :) Your ring is gorgeous too! Congrats!

And happy birthday!! You're not the only one time is slipping away from -- it never ends once you're a mom!!

The Bergant Family said...

So glad you made the first outing! There's a lot of paraphenlia to drag around, huh? But, worth it when he's a little cutie! Hope you're getting more sleep!