Saturday, October 10, 2009

I can't believe its Fall!

I cannot believe the fall like weather we've been having! It's snuck up on me. It seems like since I had Enoch in the Summer--it should remain summer--since it obviously hasn't been that long since he joined our family. BUT--it's been 3 and a half months! So, I am facing the fact that he will be a year old in no time! Wow. Shaun and I were thinking about family planning this morning on our drive back from the Bagelry (for breakfast). We thought about when we thought we should be getting pregnant again and when Shaun would be graduating etc...and it seems all too fast! 18 months --2 years is not much at all. We are now on a family path and we are going to be on it a LONG time. We LOVE Enoch so much and are amazed that we are loving him more and more each day. Time has taught me that I have very little perspective on things...and that even though we THOUGHT we loved him as much as we could when he was born--we couldn't imagine the amount of love that would come pouring into our hearts. My capacity to love has increased and I am so attached to Enoch! God has such a big plan for parents. (As he does with everyone whether they can have kiddos or not.) He has all the opportunities to make us better at loving like Him by serving a child with diligence and patience. I will again say, it is a miracle to feel so happy and overwhelmed with affection for my son and husband. I love being a mother and am having lots of fun too!
(Ooops how did this bacon topped maple bar picture get in here?!)



The Bergant Family said...

Cute pictures of Enoch. Oh yes, once you get going having babies, life just keeps going. I never thought about when to have the second when I was pregnant with our first, but then you have the first and you plan your whole family!!!! So fun! He's a cutie!!

Vicky said...

LOVE the leg warmers! Where did you get those?

kaitlyn said...

it was a ton of fun to have enoch on thurs and friday. he was such a good baby! i am glad you love being a mom... it really is magnificent.

The SaSSeR's said...

he is too cute and i love his little leggings in the last little clip!! also did you know that i am expecting!!!!