Sunday, October 25, 2009

New things...

Let's start with the cutest thing... today, Enoch wore his new "Halloween Costume" to church today. He was a Newsie and he will be one again next Sunday too. (And for Halloween)
(Baby's R Us was out of Monkey costumes yesterday--so, we bought dress clothes...that were dapper and could be multi-purposed. This morning, Shaun and I tried to teach Enoch about sleeping in. It actually worked.
Saturday morning, we started it with playing on the floor in the "Baby Gym"--pumping Iron.

Look what Enoch can do now. (Until he gets tired.) We're so EXCITED!!! He's not rolling yet...but suspect that's next.
We got a new highchair this month. Now we're ready for solids...whenever we start that up. (Not yet.) Hey, we checked Enoch's mouth today--and we can feel a bottom front tooth VERY close to the surface. We think it should pop up anytime!

He's a happy little boy!
Then about 3 weeks ago, Shaun was cleaning and pulling out some fall squash from the Booth garden. Fall colors are so pretty!
Here's the pumpkin that grew up in a "bad" enviornment. It wasn't his fault that his vine wandered into the compose bin--made of pallets. He basically was doomed from the start. Happy Halloween pumpkin.

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kaitlyn said...

"open the gates and seize the day"


and enoch looked super handsome today! great idea!