Friday, January 29, 2010

Seven Months

Today Enoch is 7 months old and a happy little kiddo.
Things to know:
1. He has 6 teeth-- four on top & 2 on the bottom.
2. He eats solids--including rice puff's flavored like mangos.
3. He does roll onto his side, but still does not roll over or crawl (except for one time he accidentally rolled from his tummy to his back).
4. He truly enjoys his excersaucer--and jumps up and down in it.
5. He LOVES his daddy!! He squeals with delight when he sees him come home or if dad picks him up from his sitters.
6. He doesn't need a pacifier to fall asleep. In fact, today I pulled 3 pacifiers out from under his crib which he had thrown out.
7. He does have some infant eczema--which reqires constant lotion--but he smiles when I put it on.
8. He bends all over the place when he gets a bath--trying to reach his toes--or soap, or faucet. He does like the water.
9. He has started to do a light giggle--or laugh to get our attention.
10. He thinks it's awesome when you clap--and will grab the outsides of your hands to join in.

Also, Shaun went on a Boyscout camp-out at Mt. Baker last weekend. He had fun but came home dirty & tired. He took a three hour nap. It was our first night apart since we've been married---3.5 years ago.

Then yesterday, I traveled with a group from my office down to Olympia to watch my an attorney at the firm I work at's Oral Agrument in front of the Supreme Court Justices. It was my first time to Olympia and I really learned a lot.

That's all for now.

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The Bergant Family said...

He's such a cutie! man, time flies! He'll be crawling and walking before you know it!