Sunday, August 14, 2011

Highlights of Our Week

Highlights of the week...Delicious Taco Salad. We cooked our own taco shell bowls in the oven with some cooking spray and two bowls. REALLY good, simple, and light.

Start with your homemade shell, romaine lettuce, spinach, add pan cooked chicken breasts- shredded, organic pinto beans with a little cumin, pico de gallo, olives, cojito cheese, avacado, sour cream mixed with Chalula hot sauce, then drizzel with some El Pato Tomato and Jalapeno Sauce! Really tasty!
Next thing, Enoch was finally captured on "film" wearing my high heels. He's actually good at shuffling around in them. 
Third highlight this week: Enoch sitting on his "potty again." He didn't "go" but he sat down for a long time. I eventually just moved it to the living room so I wouldn't have to sit on the bathroom floor anymore waiting.
Fourth and last highlight, Shaun and I cleaned our room. It was a big mess before...and now, you can practically hear an echo.

Well, that's our week.

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