Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visit with Lindsay's Side of the Family

Saturday, we ventured down to Kirkland, WA, and visited with my brother Shawn outside his work place before heading to Covington, WA, to see my dad, Yuko (my step-mom), and Yuko's mother, Masako, who was visiting from Japan. It was nice seeing Shawn again. He works on Saturdays so, it's hard to do anything together. He hadn't seen Enoch since he was 6 months old. (19 months ago) Enoch warmed up to him---eventually, and handed him leaves he found in the parking lot.

Don't we look alike! I'm one of four kids born to my mom and dad. Shawn is #2 and passed me in height long ago. He tells me he wants to be Enoch's favorite uncle. 
Playing in the car can only help build a bond. 

When we arrived in Covington, Enoch explored the house and then was willing to take some pictures on the stairs with Masako. 

She was SUPER nice and paid special attention to him. He was very well loved by everyone! My sister, Laurel, even made it over. Yeah! Enoch spent about 45 minutes going around the house with 2 watering cans pretending to water every plant in the house. He would recruit someone new each time to help him. Grandpa, Masako, Yuko, Laurel, Daddy, and even Mommy. 

Yuko made a tasty lunch which included HOMEMADE French Bread! Delicious. 
 We went to the neighbor hood park. This is the only picture we took there. Enoch really likes rocks. He sat on this one (below).

Lindsay and Dad! He doesn't like pictures so he makes crazy faces. 
I was showing him how crazy I can be too.

Thanks for the fun! We love seeing our families!

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