Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Wonderful Year at Stoney Ridge Farm

Saturday was a wonderful day! We really enjoyed each other's company and the adventure to Stoney Ridge Farms in Everson, WA. We ended up being the first ones in line when they opened and rushed to get fresh Apple Cider Donuts and hot chocolate when from the little store. We were going to see the ANIMALS---Enoch's anticipated favorite part-- but decided to put Enoch on a "train" ride by himself. He did soooo well. We have a video as proof on our computer. When he watches the video he points at the screen and calls it the Tickle Train. (?? I don't know why.???) Then we saw animals. Enoch liked the bunny, cow, and birds. He doesn't like horses yet. We think size is intimidating for him. 

Then We rode in an trailer-ish thing- pulled by a real tractor down to the pumpkin patch. We had to convince Enoch to leave the tractor. He really wanted to ride the actual tractor. He loves them. After some carrying, we got him distracted enough to look at some pumpkins and then walk around a corn maze. He likes being able to decide where to go. Then we got out, had some pumpkin donuts...and rode the tractor ride back up to the main area. Enoch rode the train one more time...and we left. We stopped by Bellwood Arces on the way home to get some killer apple cider....then hit our favorite taco truck for lunch. Enoch took a nap at home...and we relaxed a bit.

Shaun put my new bike handle grips on my bike (They work great) and fixed the MP3 jack I broke on our elliptical. (I tried getting my laptop to rest on the console...but it slipped and pushed the jack into the console. But it works now. When Enoch woke up, we watched some Shrek 3 and made dinner. While it was cooking (Grilled burgers), we went on a quick bike ride. SOOOOOO fun. With my new handles, I actually enjoy getting on my bike. (They were gross cheap falling apart ones previously.) We played a game in a dirt field on our bikes where we played chase on the bikes (Enoch was in a bike trailer). Super great because Enoch was laughing a bunch. OH...and Shaun tried to save a cold gardener snake in our road by picking it up and putting it in the grass. How nice. (It was so cold it wasn't moving.)

Then we got a Redbox movie, put Enoch to bed happy, and watched the movie. It was a fun family day!!

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