Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kill the Ladybugs

I used to like ladybugs, but now I don't. I am trying to rid myself of them...and have been forced to kill them. The last few weeks, we've had a ton of lady bugs coming into our house through two windows. It is gross. I keep vacuuming up patches of them hiding in the window sill in the living room-- like 25 in a clump. WHY!!? I recently a clip on Hulu of Sesame Street's classic "Ladybug Picnic" and I cringed. Shaun just informed me there are now there are 3 on the wall behind me. I just said, "Please, get the Vacuum."

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Kimi said...

Eyw, I've been there. They swarmed on us in Issaquah one summer -- do you remember coming to Richie's birthday party? All those huge tall windows in the living room? COVERED. With. Ladybugs. I have never liked the little boogers since. *shudder*