Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 for the Weldons

Enoch with friend, Emma
- Dec. '11
Shaun and I talked yesterday about what happened in 2011 for our little family. For our own sake, I am recording it here in this post so I don't forget.

Family Photos (January)
Harry Potter Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center (Feb)
Test Drove Mini-Vans (Feb.)
Shaun turned 31 (Feb)
Shaun Lost Job at Bellingham Cold Storage because he continued to take classes at WWU (March)

Shaun got an Internship at the Institute for Watershed Studies at WWU (March)
Shaun started getting REALLY good grades after loosing his job (immediately)
Enoch really enjoyed Easter Egg Hunting (April)
My dad came up to visit by himself (April)
Sarah babysat for us for a quarter (Winter)
Katherine babysat for a for a quarter (Spring)
Natalie babysat for a quarter (Summer)
Brooke babysat all year (Mon,Wed, Fri.)
We went to the temple in Vancouver, BC.
Lindsay assisted (for job) on a 6 day civil jury Trial in Everett, WA -- LONG days! (May)
Enoch saw his first movie in a theater -- Cars 2 (June)
Shaun and I made a complicated cake together after Enoch went to bed (June)
Enoch turned 2 and we had a family party (June/July)
Shaun's Grandpa Weldon passed away (June 30, 2011)
We went to Wenatchee, WA, for the funeral (July)
Lindsay turned 28 (July)
Shaun and I went on a 3 hour cruise around Bellingham Bay on the Lady Washington (a boat used in the Pirates of the Carribean Movie) (July)
The Tuppers came up to visit and we all toured the boats (July)
We spent time with my step-grandma, Masako, who was visiting from Japan (August)
Shaun's Internship turned into a paying part-time job! (August)
Enoch got a lot better at speaking.
We went camping at Ensign Ranch (September)
Enoch burned his hand while camping at Ensign Ranch. He got a huge blister and we left early. (September)
Enoch started wearing a bow-tie to church (September)
Lynden Fair (September)
Puallup Fair (September)
Blackberry picking and made freezer jam for first time (September)
We got released from our calling at church as Nursery leaders (October)
Enoch was a pirate for Halloween and got to go trick-or-treating at the church party. (October)
We had a lady bug infestation (October)
We all went through 3 different corn mazes (October)
Enoch rode on a "train" [30 gallon bucket with whole cut out- with wheels- pulled by train looking tractor] (October)
Shaun was called as a Ward Membership Clerk at church (Nov)
Went to Covington, WA for Thanksgiving and then to Kirkland, WA for Thanksgiving 2 (November)
Shaun started applying to jobs in anticipation of graduation in March (November)
Made Baklava for first time (December)
Christmas in Kirkland, WA with Shaun's family (December)
Christmas night was in Kirkland hotel...were we found a room filled with treats from a secret santa (December)
Day after Christmas, we checked out of hotel and found out that the decorations were meant for another hotel guest--who was upset that we got them. (December)
Christmas #2 in Covington, WA with Lindsay's family
First time going to Whatcom County Museum-Lightcatcher Building (December)

So, 2011 was a good year. 
We anticipate some changes will come in 2012, such as:
Shaun will go to LA to buy a couple suits from my uncle Alan (Jan)
Shaun will graduate (March)
Shaun will get a new job (???)
Lindsay will retire from working to be a stay at home mom (???)
Move (???)
Enoch will turn 3
Enoch will become potty trained (??!)
New baby may come (???? we don't know???)

We hope for the best next year and hope to remain grounded to what's important in life, our family..and the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Vicky said...

What a busy family! Enoch is sure getting big!