Sunday, December 11, 2011

Planning for my friends' future....

I don't mean to sound insensitive, but I have a many friends who are very beautiful, smart, creative, funny, educated, talented, and women of integrity...but for some reason, despite their valiant efforts, are not married yet. It seems to baffle us all...but to pass the time and for fun, I have started to plan 2 friends' weddings. t's kind of a see if I can pick out the good stuff they'll like.

E. Pool - She is woman who has a retro sense of taste in music and artwork (Rosie the Riveter), who works with as a student counselor in a high school, lover of Harry Potter stories, is mature, and has does everything with a pleasant simplicity. She is my age...and I anticipate she won't have a huge budget to throw down when her Mr. Darcy comes along, so, I have tried to pick out things that are pretty, but special, retro dress, and cool. 

K. White- She is my other friend, whom I still need to plan out her future reception. Alas, without a groom (so far)-- the plans are focused around her likes and needs. She is a smart middle/ high school science teacher with the height of a runway model. She is a subtle redhead with a silly sense of humor and a warm inviting heart (& hug). She e-mailed me 2 inspiration pictures-- to help in my search. Please see below.
She has a sense of humor that will add whimsy and joy to the selections I will make. She likes yellow and other bright colors. She loves chocolate, baking, and math.

If any of you know of a righteous man who might like a gal like Pool or White, make sure to let me know! But...for now, I will PIN.

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Anonymous said...

next career - wedding planner!!!